the 365 day gematria calendar

I did a complete mathematical breakdown, or survey of the whole entire year. From January First, to December Thirty First, Again

Note: that all numbers of days must be spelled out in their perfect word form to achieve the correct answer.

Example one: In the second system of A=6, B=12, C=18, (January First)is as follows. January is 540, First is 432, totaling together = 972. Example two: (January Second). January is 540, Second is 360, totaling together = 900. Example three: (January Twentieth). January is 540, Twentieth total is 944, totaling together =1614.

Doing this until each month and corresponding day are calculated to achieve a single total between the two, (month and day). With that now complete, we move on to search the totals, we have 365 days to choose from to see what might have some relevance in today’s society, and history. And out of the 365 days, we find only one day that is truly connected to the Biblical Prophecy of 666.

And is also connected to the history of the birth of the United States / Illuminati. That day is May First. May= 234, and First = 432, together total 666.

And do notice the Mirror Imaging of each other. If you don’t know who the Illuminati are, better start doing your research. because they are well aware of what is going on, and probrably what is going to happen, and what ever that is, I have not figured it out yet.

There are only 2 days out of the years entire calculations that add up to 1140, which is the letter S of the 3rd stage of the alphabet system.

February Twelfth, and August Eighteenth. Surprisingly, (February Twelfth) is Darwin Day, the birth of Charles Darwin, an Evolutionary Biologist. (August Eighteenth) is the DNA Crop Circle of 1991 which is the tree of life formation. This is truely astounding!