Thaumiel (Hebrew ThAVMIAL, «Twins of God») in Kabbalistic tradition are the Qlippoth or demonic powers associated with Kether, the first Sephirah of the Tree of Life. Its traditional form is giant dual heads with bat-like wings, but no bodies. They are called the Divided Ones.

Thaumiel is said by some to be associated with Keither, the first Sephirah of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, but in actuality, Thaumiel is in opposition to Keither.

However some explain the Sphere a shadow or a capsule of the Sephirah. This is why Thaumiel is called a Sphere while Keither is a Sephirah; a Sphere might be consider the abode of demonic or negative powers while a Sephirah is the abode for angelic or positive powers, which is the reason for every Sephirah being opposed by a Sphere. Some claim that such a division was necessary in the process of creation.

Thaumiel representing the «duality of God» opposes Keither which represents the «unity of God.» Angels of this Thaumiel order before their separation, cause by seeking more power, from God sought the perfection of or unity with God, but after their separation or fall they became the duality of God, the very opposite of his unity; they became an order of demons, and in this lesser state «the Polluted of god.» The cortex or outer form of the Thaumiel is known as the Cathariel, «the Broken» or «Fearful Light of God.»

Within this order there are two main adversaries, Satan, the Adversary and King, and Moloch, forming this very stressful duality against the unity of God. A.G.H.


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