Terra Mystica

Terra Mystica is a german board game.

It is a strategy game with very simple bases and a minimal presence of the luck factor. Each player rules over a faction and tries to transform the terrain in its own benefit in order to build different structures. The proximity of other players on the board limits their possibilities for expansion, but at the same time can provide other benefits. The attractiveness of Terra Mystica rests precisely on this dilemma.

The 14 factions of the game are designed with extreme care. Each one has its own special abilities, which in combination with the various bonus tiles guarantee a wide variety of games and situations so you never get tired of playing.

Terra Mystica has counted on the invaluable support of Uwe Rosenberg during the development of the game mechanics.


Buy Terra Mystica

You can buy Terra Mystica in Amazon where you will find the best price.You will also find there additional expansions.

The game is also available in PC platform and IOS through Apple store.



How to Play

To better understand howto play it I recommend two steps:

  • Download the TERRA MYSTICA RULES
  • Watch any youtube video that will help and speed up learning process.