Telepathy Best Books for Learning and Telepathic Bestsellers

Telepathy Books to learn

Best Books on Telepathy to learn

The word telepathy finds its origin from a Greek word that can be broken down into 2: tele means distant and apathe means feeling.

It is a form of communication in which one person can read or know others feeling. It is done without the involvement of any known physical or verbal interaction.

The anxiety to discover the thoughts hovering on others’ mind is the main captivating factor.

Here we see a short list of the most useful and recommended ones for newbies, curious and professionals. Click on image for more info.


Spiritual Telepathy: Ancient Techniques to Access the Wisdom of Your Soul

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Author: Colleen Mauro

Ancient techniques to access our own soul and valuable lessons of telepathic ability. This is not traditional but spiritual telepathy step by step techniques to control our mind.

This book will allow you to use the wisdom and guidance provided to your soul to unleash the truth about the higher world to which earlier only saints, spiritual leaders could claim to have.

It’s an interesting telepathy book that inculcate the sense of discovering the reality of the hidden world by using merely power of one’s soul. This strengthen our belief on the power of our soul that is a blessing bestowed upon us by our creator.


Psychic Development for Beginners

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From: William W. Hewitt

Practical exemples and Techniques to develop our psychic abilities in this telepathic book. Reading, protection, problem solving, spirit contact.


Silent Awakening

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From: Eric Pepin

The book explain how to contact with our spiritual body in these main topics:  Healing, Issues from the past, spiritual power and telepathy.


Telepathy a Quantum approach

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Author: Dr Theresa M Kelly

Telepathic communication and science. How it is this phenomenon explained through science and experiments in parapsychologist field, framework, concepts, equations. Book for professionals and curious about it.



Cosmic Telepathy: A How-To Guide To Mental Telepathy By Tuella Paperback:

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Experts claim that mind to mind communication is now no longer a mere thought. But has now transformed into a reality due to the different advancements made in the various fields. It assists the beginners to understand the strength of their mind to use it for a better cause.

Thus this is going to be your new friend if books on telepathy is really your thing. It will facilitate you to develop a telepathic relation with those dear to you.

Also with the angelic beings and other spiritual things in the space. This book also contain some information provided by a meta-physics expert.


Frequency: The Power Of The Personal Vibrations By Penny Peirce:

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It is a book that highlights the concept of vibration being present in everyone.  Also that everyone somehow acts to be a substance of help for the sustenance of this enormous world.

It is aimed at making one realize that by tuning their frequency to an appropriate wavelength. One can easily convert their sadness into happiness and their anger into peace.

It is supposed to bring about a revolution in ones thinking skills and perception to the world outside.


The Best Sellers in Telepathy Books

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These were some of the best telepathy books and psychic power available at a very cost-effective price. Choose wisely the book that will quench your thirst for learning telepathy and enhance your thinking capacity.


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