Teenage Jesus – The Lost Years of Jesus

by Doug Yurchey

Where was Jesus when he was a teenager? Was he doing what most young people do or was his path a little different? There are 18 unrecorded, unknown and crucial years in the development of the great man known as` Jesus Christ. Western sources are missing these important years. The following is the beginning quote of a rare documentary by Richard Bock called: THE LOST YEARS:

‘Two thousand years ago, the world was at a low spiritual ebb. The days of the Biblical prophets were passed. Then one man, Jesus of Nazareth, in three short years, changed the course of history forever. The Biblical account of the life and teachings of Jesus, covers the periods in his life from birth to age 12…and from age 30 to his crucifixion. This leaves 18 years, the major part of his life, unaccounted for…’

Biblical scholars only have fragments of the Dead Sea Scrolls and few other references pertaining to these particular ancient times. The Dead Sea Scrolls span the lifetime of Jesus Christ, Old Testament to New Testament, yet fails to mention this man of peace and wisdom. The Scrolls parallel the Bible. They were discovered in the holy land, the land of Christ. Scholars only have the Gospel which does not tell of the ‘Teenage Jesus.’

Could Jesus have traveled to India, the birthplace of RamaKrishna and Buddha (see Buddhism)? The ancient books of India have not been destroyed like the records of the Maya. Eastern records from prehistoric times speak of amazing flying ‘vimanas’ from ‘highly advanced civilizations.’ Much of human history is locked away in these early books.

‘The Lost Years’ is a wonderful film that unites East and West; science and religion. Ancient references show that much of eastern philosophy is harmonious with the teachings of Jesus Christ. The documentary presents a theory that the records of a young Jesus was known and survived. India knew him as St. Essa.

‘Lives of saints and holy men are revered and preserved in ancient texts and documents. In the archives of an ancient Tibetan monastery, there are said to be records, originally written in India, in the ancient poly-language, and later translated into Tibetan, dealing with the life of an extraordinary saint known to the Buddhists as St. Essa.’

‘The life story of St. Essa closely resembles the life of Jesus Christ revealing what may well be the lost years of Jesus Christ.’

In the Indus River Valley, scrolls were found which mention St. Essa. In the late 1880s, Russian travelers heard stories of St. Essa as they visited the ancient monasteries of Tibet. The Llama translated for the Europeans from the original, ancient poly-language. ‘It is said that the scrolls are accurate records of the stories carried to the East by merchant caravans and that the legend was written shortly after the caravans brought word of the crucifixion of St. Essa.’

According to the written legend of St. Essa, at thirteen years old…he was to take a wife; which was their custom at the time. The prospect of such an idea for the young lad must have frightened him. Instead, he ran away to see the world. The young Essa went off to find answers to life, the universe and everything. Where did he go? Essa traveled by sea and land until he arrived at the Indus Valley at age 14. He studied the Vedas and the Upanishads with the Brahman priests. He spent 6 years in Northern India studying the scriptures. He then moved North to the Himalayas, the land of those who follow Buddha. Essa left India in his 26th year. Later, he journeyed to Athens, Greece and Alexandria, Egypt. Essa learned secret knowledge at the great Library. His final teachings apparently took place inside the Great Pyramid. At twenty-nine years of age, he ‘returned to Palestine to fulfill his destiny.’

The next quotes are translations concerning the young man who became St. Essa:

‘a wonderful child born in Israel’

‘first born of his family’

‘divine child’

‘talked of the one God’

‘Eternal Spirit dwelled within this child’

St. Essa traveled to many holy cities in India. The young man was renowned for his teachings. He could explain the Vedas. He understood the scriptures. According to the story of St. Essa: ‘People came from near and far to hear the wisdom from this infant’s lips.’

Two thousand years ago, Essa walked along the Ganges River. In ashrams, yogi masters have taught that the enlightened Jesus Christ lived in India for a time. Christ’s ‘Lost Years’ could be the story of St. Essa. The documentary shows various yogis that have reported from earlier masters that Jesus learned eastern philosophy in India.

‘I and my father are one’

The idea that God was not some distant being far away in heaven, but could be as close to your heart as a father to a son. This was a radical concept. Yogis, who master the art of meditation, know that the miracles that Jesus performed were simply those attainable by discipline and mind-power. Any great, enlightened master or ‘avatar’ could do what was attributed to Jesus. East Indian masters praise Jesus Christ. They consider him a great master-avatar. ‘The miraculous powers of Jesus Christ are natural to one who has reached the highest level of yogi attainment.’ We all can be one with Christ…We all can be one with God!

In the time of Jesus Christ, Hinduism was in its infancy. In the time of Jesus Christ, the teachings of Buddha were at its beginning. Could Christ, and his eastern truths, have had such an influence on these other schools of religion? Essa (Jesus) mastered Hinduism and Buddhism. Documents tell us that Essa lived in India and Tibet. Holy men have reported this.

More quotes on St. Essa that appeared very Christ-like:

‘everyone loved Essa because he lived in peace.’

‘he strongly denounced the doctrine that gives to man the power of robbing their fellow men of their human rights. In truth…there is no difference in the Children of God’

[The above quote is the same as ‘All men (and women) are created equal’]

‘do not worship idols, they do not hear you’

‘do no evil to anyone’

‘He (God) has breathed into man’

‘do not listen to the scriptures where the truth has been perverted’

Four hundred years after the death of St. Essa, his teachings spread across Tibet and India. When Essa was 30 years old, he returned to Palestine. He preached to the poor and diseased. He went from city to city and proclaimed the Kingdom of God. Monotheism was also in the beginning stages.

The Brahman priests and warriors heard of this huge sermon given by St. Essa. Governor Pilot thought St. Essa was exciting the people against the authorities. They thought he was proclaiming himself to be the new King of Israel. It was decided that the great man of peace, St. Essa, would be killed. He was warned and left by night. Later, he was arrested, imprisoned, tortured and brought to trial. Judges told Pilot that they would not condemn an innocent man and acquit robbers. Nevertheless, soldiers seized Essa and two robbers. They were ordered to be nailed to crosses. Essa became an enemy to the Brahman priests exactly as Jesus became an enemy to the highest Church officials; the Sanhedrin who decided Christ must be killed.

‘The Earth trembled and the heavens wept because of the great crime committed in the land of Israel, for they have just finished torturing and executing there the great, just, Essa in whom dwelt the Soul of the Universe; who incarnated himself in a simple mortal in order to do good to men….was ended the terrestrial life…’ The idea of earthquakes and rainstorms directly after the Crucifixion is corroborated in the Bible. With the mention of ‘Pilot’ and the other parallels to the two stories; Essa was Jesus.

Is there any evidence that disciples of Jesus lived in India? According to the Catholic Encyclopedia, St. Thomas evangelized the lands between the Caspian Sea and the Persian Gulf as well as further East to India. Called ‘Doubting’ Thomas, because he required physical proof of Jesus’ resurrection, he was known to spread the Gospel in India. Records in Madras report that he entered India as a carpenter and died as a martyr. The tomb of the disciple is in India. A mountain was named for St. Thomas in India.

Paramahunsa Yogananda, founder of the Self-Realization Fellowship in LA (1925), was the first high master of India who taught and lived in the West. In his book, ‘Autobiography of a Yogi,’ he speaks of his master’s close connection to Jesus Christ. He often expanded on the Old and New Testament. Yogananda had mentioned the ‘missing years of Jesus Christ.’ He spent some years in India, he had told his students. According to Yogananda, the three wise men that came to see Christ’s birth at Bethlehem were from India. The visit by Jesus to India was an honor paid back for the three wise men.

‘It is true that Christ lived in India during most of the 18 unaccounted years of his life; studying with India’s great masters. That doesn’t take away from his divinity and uniqueness. It shows the unity and brotherhood of all great saints and avatars.’ This was not unlike studying ways of martial arts in Shaolin temples. Was Jesus learning knowledge and truths that the masses were NOT ready for?

What happened to the records of Christ’s lost years? Emperor Constantine called more than 300 bishops together in 325 A.D. This was the Council of Nicea. What to do with the holy records and the masses? Corrections, deletions, admissions and omissions were agreed upon. These savage, unholy men of the cloth butchered the Bible. It was here that Jesus Christ was elevated to become the ‘only begotten Son of God.’ This ideology became the Nicean Creed.

Emperor Constantine discovered that the historical Jesus conflicted with his new philosophy. In 389 A.D., the vast Library at Alexandria was burned. Manuscripts that might have contradicted Constantine’s Nicean Creed were destroyed. Somewhere, the history of the teenage Jesus was deleted out of our education. Could it have been erased because it implied the great answers to life were learned in the East? Was reincarnation and eastern philosophy the ways of Truth that absolutely opposed the simple standards of Christianity? What other things were edited out? The Book of Enoch, for one. Ezekiel nearly got edited out for its blasphemy. And, gods became the singular GOD.

The early disciples of Jesus believed in REINCARNATION. Jews believed in it; Orthodox Jews still believe in it. Early writers recorded that they first heard of reincarnation from apostolic times. The teaching of reincarnation was not officially taken out of the Church’s Christian doctrine until 553 A.D. This second Council of Constantinople eliminated all teachings of reincarnation and Biblical references. There are still hints or glimpses in the Bible of reincarnation references that the Biblical editors did not fully eradicate:

When Elijah comes before Jesus, Jesus refers to John the Baptist as Elias or Elijah. Reincarnation seems to be accepted fact when Jesus asked: ‘Whom do men say that I am?’ Some replied ‘Jeremiah’ or some other prophet. Jesus did not correct them. The idea of being ‘born again’ means to, literally, be born again and again and again…only then they will know the Kingdom of Heaven; after they have experienced many lifecycles. Born-again has nothing to do with accepting Christ as your personal savior.

‘The Bible was tampered with for the usual reasons; which is institutional religion; when they try to institutionalize religion they also bring out the more convenient things that will support their Church dogmas. And this is what I think they must have done and what Yogananda indicated that they did do with the Bible…That there were many high and deep teachings there that are not available…’

The Bible was certainly edited by evil men. Power-mad humans, not men of God, added and subtracted from the holy records as they saw fit. Men in power have always abused their positions and have rewritten history in their own image. At the very end of the Bible, the last words of Revelations…the Biblical editors placed a curse there for us:

Revelations 22/18: ‘…If any man shall add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book:’

Revelations 22/19: ‘If any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life…’

Look out if anyone tries to alter the Bible, or they will have hell to pay! But: THEY (the Church officials) could edit and add and subtract the ancient records, but WE could not. They cursed all that would dare do what they have done…edit.

For those readers who think the King James is an infallible Book written by God himself: Then, why does Jesus correct the Old Testament idea of eye-for-an-eye by turning the other cheek? And, why after the 10 Commandments are listed…the very next thing is more supposed Laws of Moses that came directly from God and it says: If your Hebrew slave has worked for you for 5 years, then he has won his freedom? Would God condone slavery? NO. These are laws of men, not God. The real, historical records have been censored and changed by fascists who have always been in charge. The Bible is an incredible newspaper of real and ancient events, but it has been brutally edited for very dark purposes. What terrible secrets is the Vatican hiding?

The extremely psychic and religious (‘Sleeping Prophet’) Edgar Cayce wrote the ‘Story of Jesus.’ He reported that Jesus studied in Palestine when Luke wrote that he was ‘with the teachers.’ Cayce confirms Jesus’ places of study: India, Persia and Egypt. Jesus was preparing his physical self as well as his mental self for the coming ordeal.

The documentary continues with the eastern Kundalini energy and the 7 chakras or the energy-centers of the body: Survival, Reproduction, Power, Universal Love, Creativity, Awareness and Self-Realization. ‘The one law at the base of this philosophy’ is Newton’s Law of Physics: For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. In the East, this is the Law of KARMA. Is it possible that western Science, the golden rule of Christianity and the first law of eastern philosophy are presenting the same message? Do unto others as you would have them do unto you…because for each reaction there is an equal and opposite reaction. Newton’s Law, the Golden Rule and Karma are the same.

J.C.: ‘Love they neighbor as thyself.’

Vedas: ‘Thou art that.’

Buddha: ‘With pure thoughts and fullness of love, I will do toward others what I do for myself.’

The basic teachings of Christ, the Vedas and the Buddha are all the same. Does Science also merge with Spiritualism?

‘When one studies the Hindu scriptures and Buddha teachings and sees that these sublime ‘truths are in harmony with the teachings of Jesus…it is not hard to believe that Jesus did go to India and other lands in the East in preparation for his mission…’

Edgar Cayce wrote that Jesus and John were in Heliopolis, Egypt. Inside the Great Pyramid, the Hall of the Initiates, called the ‘White Brotherhood,’ Jesus spent 3 days and nights. There were rituals ‘releasing soul from bondage’ of the material world and death. These initiates sound like attaining the last degrees of Freemasonry. Were white witches or the White Brotherhood originally good? Was this a secret sect of Jedi warriors working for the truth? Did the energy of the Great Pyramid structure add to Christ’s realization of Self? There are ancient legends of initiates in early Egypt, long before Jesus, leaving the power-pyramid as gods.

Cayce, a strong believer in reincarnation, was asked the significance of Jesus and Christ? He replied: ‘Jesus is the man. Christ is the soul; the power, energy of the eternal Soul. Power is in the Christ. The pattern is Jesus.’ Jesus is the name of the man, his given name. Christ, the anointed, is the god that is in all people or the spirit.

Why would the Church make up and teach the idea that Christ and only Christ is God; that he HAD to die; it was God’s Will that he died; and he carried the burden of all of our sins? Could it be because the Church murdered him? Jesus was far more of a theological or religious threat than he ever was a threat to Rome. The Sanhedrin priests deemed him an enemy and Christ was killed in a power-play. The Church and State CONTROL your very thinking. They simplified the deep teachings in the Bible, which the yogi mentioned, when they began educating the ignorant masses.

For someone wondering if Jesus Christ wanted to die on the cross, remember him cursing to heaven and saying: ‘Father, why hast thou forsaken me?’ This is blasphemy and one of the phrases the Biblical editors missed. If he was truly dying for the sins of the world, he would not have questioned God and his predicament on the cross.

Follow this logic: Believing in reincarnation is a Christian concept. Not believing in reincarnation is unchristian. Reincarnation is living many lives; therefore the entire concept of Original Sin, Judgement Day and going to Heaven or Hell are erroneous beliefs. Believing in Original Sin, Judgement Day and going to Heaven or Hell is an unchristian philosophy.

Look at the Evil Emperor Constantine who made Christ God. Jesus was made the savior of all your sins. The truth is we do not NEED Jesus or the Church to save us! We do not need saving. We do need to learn eastern philosophy. We can be like Christ and meditate; be nonviolent; a person of peace; live good lives; recycle; learn; improve and eventually, when the total Spectrum of Life is over, then reach a oneness with this God-thing…and exist on a higher plane. We can all save ourselves. We build our own Karma and create our own fate. This writer is not saying Jesus is not God. This writer is saying WE ALL ARE GOD! We have the potential of being gods and eventually reaching a higher plane.

Earth is the Hell. Living in the material, physical world is tough. Earth was once a Paradise (Atlantis = Eden) and over much time and change, now it is pure Hell. The Heaven, might be a relative or individual thing; different for each person. Heaven could be the next plane of existence after enlightenment. We may only know enlightenment after living many lifetimes.

Jesus Christ lived. The Shroud of Turin contains a radiated, negative image of a man. It is not paint; something transferred through the cloth and created a photographic negative. The ‘Lost Years’ was made before the Carbon-14 testing on the Shroud. Readers should examine my article Shroud of Turin or Carbon-14.C-14 is an underestimate and nowhere close to an accurate dating method. Educators want an underestimate of a dating-device so their classic view of traditional history can be maintained. The Turin Cloth is not a fake. Carbon-14 is the big problem. The ‘Lost Years’ emphasized how RADIATION may have caused the Shroud’s image. This is another merging of science and philosophic thought: Was the Shroud’s image created by a science or from a holy resurrection? Was the halo often seen portrayed around the head of saints and avatars actually their aura?

The DaVinci Code is interesting for bringing out the concept, finally, that Jesus was a married man with a family! Christ was not an only child. He married Mary Magdalene. He had sex. He fathered a daughter. Jesus was a MAN and began a genetic lineage. This spawned generations of descendants for many hundreds of years. The real family name was later called ‘Merovingian’ that supposedly died out with French kings hundreds of years ago. (The French character in Matrix 2 & 3 was called Merovingian for this reason). The Royalty intermarry because they falsely think they carry on this holy lineage. They are under the bogus impression that they have the inherent right to rule. In 2000 years, the holy family has been corrupted, totally changed and mutated into fascism. The Royalty is not carrying on Christ’s lineage nor do they act Christian in any way. They hide the truth because, if not suppressed, they could lose their power and control over the masses.

Concerning Christ as a married, family man…this is fantastic news. The questions that come to mind are: Why aren’t priests allowed to marry? Why can’t they be Christ-like or Christian and be fruitful and multiply? Would we have all these pedophilia cases in the priesthood if only they could marry? Could the Church be at fault for always getting it wrong and outlawing sex as if it is sin? Christ might not agree. He was a lover and not a fighter.

All of this outcry against the DaVinci Code could be motivated by the Church being, again, so wrong! The Church also has the power of negative press, disinformation and the ability to still smear any truth they choose. They have a huge following of people who act like non-thinking sheep and do not question.

Jesus was a great man. We all have that potential is the lesson. So, don’t make him an idol. I don’t think he would want your pedestal. He was a Ra, Viracocha, Quetzalcoatl, Kukukan, Buddha, Muhammad, DaVinci, Mozart, Luther, Tesla, Gandhi, Einstein…a great man far ahead of their time.

Was Christ a spaceman? Was he an alien from another planet? Did he use peyote, magic mushrooms or smoke the peace pipe? Numerous writers have speculated such concepts. The ancient American Indian gods, mentioned in the previous paragraph, came from the stars – taught great wisdom and knowledge – and returned to the stars. Could Nikola Tesla have been the Second Coming? He was a new DaVinci that brought light and technology to the world and is now long gone. There are rumors that Tesla was an alien. He was called a ‘Superman of the Industrial Age.’ Maybe he was not one of us?

The path to the truth might be through J.C. We can all find that same truth. Possibly, Christ should be viewed as a man of Science or paranormal science rather than a man of the cloth. Jesus is one of my heroes, but not my savior.

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