Definition and Meaning

A Talisman is and object which possess magical or supernatural power of their own which is transmitted to their possessors. Talismans are frequently confused with amulets which are objects which passively protect the owner from evil and harm. Usually the solitary function of talismans is to make possible powerful transformations.

Talismans can be any object, design, or symbol believed to be endowed with magical powers. The item is active in that it, and of itself, bestows this magical power upon the one who possesses it at the time. For example, this is the reason why the Excalibur was of such importance in Arthurian lore. The sword gave King Arthur magical powers.


In magic, however, the talismans can be endowed with its supernatural power only by the forces of nature, by God or the gods or by being made so in a ritualistic way. Among talismans are precious stones for they each possess their own magical or curative powers endowed by nature.

Talismans are believed to be powerful, and they are rightfully so. All you need to do is make sure the talisman you are buying is original. They are rather small in size and can be adorned around your neck, arm, wrist or waist.  They can confer you with protection and ward off evil. They can also attract fortune, love, and luck to you if you wear the original ones. Furthermore, talismans can be used in warding off misfortune, disgrace, accidents, and illness of various kinds.  They can absorb positive vibes of cosmic energy and also transmit such vibes into your life. As a result, you will be protected from any negative energy once you wear them.  The talismans are made available in the form of necklaces, rings, and pendants.



Talismans have been discovered in all historical periods. The Egyptians and Babylonians used them when attempting to alter the forces of nature. In the Middle Ages, holy relics and other objects assumed the value of talismans in attempts to cure illnesses. Some thieves converted severed hands of thieves into talismans (see The Hand of Glory) to assist them in their trade.

Many alchemists sought the assistance of talismans which they made in elaborate ceremonies which were conducted during periods of auspicious astrological signs. During these rituals they recited incantation to conjures the desired spirits who imbued the talismans with magical power. The talisman most sought after was the elusive Philosopher’s Stone, which the alchemists thought would transform base metals into silver and gold.

Grimoires, especially in magic, offer instructions on the making of talismans. Many talismans were inscribed on precious stones or parchment under auspicious astrological signs. Talismans were made for many endeavors such as getting rich, winning at gambling, falling in love, prevention of sudden death, improvement of memory, and even making a good speech.

Talismans originated from the word telesma, which is a Greek word.  Telesma means initiation into a mystery; it can also mean a scared object.  It is essential for the talisman to be consecrated after production for it to be effective.  The consecration usually takes place during special rituals; they are not charged with any spiritual power or gain any spiritual energy until the consecration has been done. After the consecration, they can be trusted to discharge spiritual power that will attract love, protection and good luck to the wearer. They can also be trusted to ward off evil.



An example is the talisman belonging to Catherine de Medici, queen consort of Henry II of France which she constantly carried. It was a medal allegedly made from metals that were melted together during favorable astrological signs, and also added in was human and he-goat blood. Although the original was broken at her death, a copy exists in the Bibliotheque Nationale in Paris. On one side of this medal is engraved the god Jupiter, the eagle of Ganymede and a demon with the head of the Egyptian god Anubis; on the other side is a Venus figure believed to be Catherine flanked by demons. She believed the talisman conferred upon her clairvoyance and sovereign power.

A perfect example of a talisman in the Christian religion is the cross. It has also been proved to emit strong positive energies that can ward off evil. Amulets are good examples of talisman. They give the wearer an opportunity to control the supernatural and also keep themselves away from evil. Many talismans are known to heal various illnesses; as a result, they can be hung around the neck of a sick person to help the sick get healed.



Talisman jewelry is a type of jewelry based on Amulets and Talismans made of jewels and precious stones.

Talismans are usually made of metals, and they feature various spiritual symbols having scared geometry, like hexagrams and pentagrams.  They can also bear various inscriptions and come in various shapes.  You can go for any of them bearing your preferred inscription in line with your needs, wishes, and preferences.  Each of the inscriptions has specific significances. The pentagram has a five-pointed star, and it is one of the forms of talismans most commonly used. This talisman stands for the wounds of Christ, and it also protects from all forms of negative forces.   Also, they can be made of solid materials, like crystals, turquoise, moonstone, jade, amethyst, onyx, and quarts.
The pentagrams are used as a healing object, and it is also good in channelling positive energies to the wearer; this is why they are commonly used in making lucky, protection and love talismans. They can offer comfort and inner peace to the wearer since they give assurance of good vibes.  Talismans can also be referred to as Tabiz. When properly consecrated, it can protect the wearer from black magic, ghosts, spirits and evil eyes, aside from attracting positive vibes.


It is imperative for the wearer to believe in the efficacy of the talismans; this belief contributes a great deal to its effectiveness. Lack of belief in them may render them ineffective, making them unable to attract material profit, good health, love good wishes, luck, and several other benefits. At times certain words or numbers can be engraved on the talismans; these words have mystical and symbolic values these words, values, symbols, and pictures all combine to confer strong spiritual power on the talismans. They get the talismans transformed into strong magical products that are charged with effective cosmic energies and carry astral influence.
Those who make them also attach certain instructions to them and these instructions are made known to anyone buying them. It is essential to remain faithful to these instructions; if not, the talismans may not work as desired.  The wearer may need to chant some mantras on the talismans at a certain time of the day or night. If not, the talisman may not work to its full potential.  If used according to instructions, the talismans can help with career progress and money, legal matters, gambling, spells, relationship, marriage and love problems,

How to buy

Before you go in search of talismans, you need to first determine why you need it. Do you need a talisman for love, luck, and favour? Do you need a talisman that will protect you ad ward off evil?  Answering these questions will help you to decide on the right talismans to buy properly.  There are talismans for curse protection, love, good fortune, and wealth. Talisman of the planets is the most popular of all the astrological talismans. The various forms of talismans and their effects are highlighted below:
•    The moon rings and moon talisman: For wealth, health, and safety
•    Mercury talisman: For technology, business, communications and memory
•    Venus rings and talisman: For arts, friendship, and love
•    The sun talisman: For general health, authority, respect, job promotion and fame.
• Mars talisman: For bodybuilding, strength, command, energy, determination, and courage
•    Jupiter magic rings and Jupiter talisman: For philosophy, justice, good fortune and wealth.
•    Saturn magic rings and Saturn talisman: For occult wisdom, astrology, magic, discipline, success, long life.


How to avoid fake

There are original talismans, and there are fake ones everywhere. You need to be careful when buying so as not to buy the fake ones.  You can avoid buying fake talisman by choosing the outlet from where you make your purchase very carefully.  First, investigate the outlet to find out if they are reliable or not. This is best done by reading reviews about the outlets. The reviews are usually written by individuals that had patronized that outlet previously, and they will give you an idea of what to expect from the outlet. It is not safe to patronize any outlet with poor reviews.  It is safer to buy your talismans from outlets that had been around for a very long time. Talismans sold by such outlets can be trusted for efficacy.  Finally, it is important to believe in the potency of the talismans. As hinted earlier, your belief in the talisman can make a lot of difference between an effective and a non-effective talisman.


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