A succubus is a demon female supernatural entity also called a Lilin-demon.  It had featured in folklore in times past, as far back as the medieval legend.  It appears in dreams to seduce men. Also, it has been associated with the spirit of sexual immorality in the spirit world. The female is called succubus, while its male counterpart is called Incubus. It is a strongly held belief in the religious tradition that individuals having sexual intercourse with a succubus can end up with mental illness, health deterioration and even death.

While succubus usually appears in the dream, there are times it can carry out its activities without appearing in the dream. It usually comes up as an enchantress or highly attractive seductress. They are said to be demonic and frightening.

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The word was derived from succubae, which means paramount or “to lie beneath”, which is used in describing the position of a sleeper. The word had been in use since the 14th century.



According to folklore, Lilith was considered as the first wife of Adam. She was said to later become a succubus. Folklore has it that she had sexual intercourse with archangel Samael and refused to return to the Garden of Eden afterward. The four succubi that had sexual intercourse with archangel Samael were Naamah, Agrat Bat Mahlat, Eisheth, and Lilith.  In general, a succubus may appear like a beautiful girl, but on closer examination, you will see some deformities on her, like serpentine tails or bird-like claws.

A succubus usually has power over the human it has sexual intercourse with. This is why rabbis and priests have made efforts over the years to break the power of a succubus on affected humans. Some believe that not all the succubi around are malicious. In fact, one of the Popes of the Catholic Church confessed to having a sexual relationship with a succubus. He claimed that the succubus helped him to attain the office of a Pope. Name of the Pope is Pope Sylvester II, who reigned between 999 and 1003 AD. However, he confessed this sin before he died.

According to Hector Boece, a historian that lived between 1465 and 1536 AD, a man usually got visited by a succubus, who asked him for marriage. However, the man ran to his bishop and complained to him. The bishop fasted and prayed together with the man. As a result, the succubus stopped disturbing him. In another story told by Perre de Lancre, a witchcraft judge that lived between 1553 and 1631, a demon appeared to a blacksmith in the shape of a woman while he was forging during the night. The blacksmith immediately picked a hot iron and threw it at the demon, who disappeared immediately. Many other stories abound about a succubus, some in ancient times and some in modern times.  These stories open the eyes to the existence of succubus. The various stories also occur in different parts of the world, all focusing on the verity of the story about a succubus.

Thomas Aquinas is one of the outstanding theologians in the Catholic Church, and he submitted that sexual intercourse between a woman and an incubus can lead to pregnancy.

Psychologists differ somewhat in opinion about succubus; they are of the opinion that nightmares or dreams involving sexual activities are more or less the outcomes of repressed sexual feelings.

The original queens of demons are Eisheth Zenunim, Agrat Bat Mahlat, and Naamah.  These queens have many cohorts too. The queens and their cohorts gave birth to children, but Lilith did not. Some, however, called Lilin.

After seducing a man, succubus will collect semen from those men. They will give the semen to incubus, who will use the semen to impregnate human females; this explains why demons can give birth to children; this is against the general belief that incubus cannot give birth. The children born this way are called cambions. Their earthly parents would notice physical deformities or certain supernatural behaviors in the newborn baby. The semen released into the human female by incubus usually undergoes a certain supernatural transformation before being used.

Succubus can steal the vitality of men and, therefore, render them unproductive. If such men have not gotten married, sexual encounter with a succubus can prevent them from getting married. Succubus has an association with witchcraft.



Scientific explanation

The idea of alien abduction justifies the activities of a succubus in medicine. This also has a relationship with sleep paralysis. Science, therefore, concludes that those who are said to be having a sexual encounter with succubus are undergoing sleep paralysis. There is also an association between nocturnal emission or wet dreams and succubus.


Succubus in ancient cultures and mythology



Succubus is called Yakshini in India. The Indian culture sees them as mythical creatures in the Jain, Buddhist and Hindu mythology. Yakshini is the female, while Yaksha is the male counterpart. These two are considered as the attendees of Kubera, who is the god of wealth in Hindu. Kubera has his domain in the kingdom of Alaka, a mythical Himalayans kingdom.  The Yakshini resembles fairies and is considered to be one of the guardians of treasures well hidden in the earth. Yakshini is said to be voluptuous and beautiful, having wide hips, spherical breasts, broad shoulders and narrow waist.



The succubus is similar to qarinah, which is a spirit in the Arabian mythology.  Qarinah possibly originates from the animalistic beliefs of pre-Islamic Arabia or ancient Egyptian religion. A qarinah is said to have a sexual relationship with men in their dreams. Only an individual with a second sight can easily see the qarinah since it is invisible to the naked eyes. The individuals with second sight usually come in the form of household pets, like a dog or cat. An individual possessed by qarinah will find it difficult to give birth or get married. If they ever get married, the qarinah will harm or punish them.  Also, many men that have sexual encounters with succubus will feel weak or tired when they wake up. Then, they will claim they were spiritually attacked in their dreams. Then, the family may contact a diviner for rituals to appease the gods that could be responsible for the supposed spiritual attack.