Submitting Articles

All articles submitted for the sections of the encyclopedia are welcomed and may be submitted at the following email address

The following information is to aid in their submission.

Please note that articles for the MYTHICAL-FOLK are only accepted if they are very, very good.

When we receive your submission we will verify it and then put the article on-line. We maintain the right to edit the articles, but if this is necessary we will contact you first, also in case we have some questions about your article.

Please note that an article is only considered for acceptance if it meets the following qualifications

First, and most important, you must not send copyrighted material. In other words, the article must have been written by you. Copying information word-by-word from another book is an infringement of the copyright law. You can of course rewrite the text in your own words

Second, please make sure that the article is related to this encyclopedia. If it is not, the article will not be placed on-line, and that would be a waste of your efforts. When in doubt, please contact us first

Third, all articles are required to be based upon factual material, and the source(s) of such material must be given. This requirement relates to all submitted articles in all areas of the encyclopedia. If the source(s) is omitted the article will not be accepted. By giving the source(s) of the material on which your article is based there will be no infringement on copy rights, this encyclopedia can verify your article, and you are doing a courtesy to visitors who want to further research the subject(s) in your article

For those unfamiliar with giving sources the following example on the topic of «Karma» may help:
Guiley, Rosemary Ellen, «Harper’s Encyclopedia of Mystical & Paranormal Experience,» San Francisco, Harper, 1991.