Sapphire stone meaning

The sapphire, a gemstone as enigmatic as it is beautiful, has journeyed through the annals of history, capturing the hearts and imaginations of various cultures around the world. This gem,


by Kurt Buehler Ruby is the red variety of the mineral corundum, the second hardest mineral, surpassed only by diamond. Rubies are thought to ward off misfortune and ill health.


Pontica is a blue stone with red stars, drops and lines resembling blood. Supposedly it compels the devil to answer questions, and puts him to flight. A.G.H.   Source: 81, 328.


Polytrix is almost the only example of an inauspicious stone. This stone caused hair to fall off the head of anyone who possesses it. A.G.H.   Source: 81, 328.


The occult properties of pearls are recorded in ancient history: the Greeks and Romans wore the gems as amulets and talismans. Pearls, for this reason, were often set on crowns. Rich says, «Pope


The opal is said to recreate the heart, prevent contagion in the air, and dispel sadness; it is also good for weak eyes. Pliny’s description of this stone glows with

Onyx – The Banded Mineral with Varied Uses

Onyx is a silicate mineral that is highly valued for its stunning banded appearance. The mineral’s name comes from the Greek word «onyx,» which means «claw» or «fingernail.» The unique

Mystic Topaz

The Natural and Metaphysical Properties of Mystic Topaz Mystic Topaz is more or less an alloy; it is composed of titanium topaz and several other minerals, along with a coating

Mephis or Mephitis

Mephis or Mephitis is a stone that when crushed to powder and drunk in water causes insensibility to torture. A.G.H.     Source: 81, 274.


Mani (Sanskrit) is a tear-shaped jewel that is powerful in removing causes of sorrow or evil. A.G.H.   Source: Bowker, John, The Oxford Dictionary of World Religions, New York, Oxford University Press,

Magickal Pearls

Magickal Aspects of Mustika Pearls & Bezoar Stones Magickal pearls or Mustika & Bezoar stones are formed in the body of an animal or plant by an elemental spirit that


Loadstone is a precious stone that is believed to possess a variety of magical qualities. When ill one holds it in the hands and shakes it well; it cures wounds,


This little stone, resembling a chip of a man’s nail, is to be squeezed out of the head of a slug, which must be done the instant that it is


Lignite is a beautiful stone that resembles glass. It was superstitiously supposed to protect children from witchcraft when hung about the neck; and, it stopped nosebleeds when bound to the


Kinocetus is said to be a good stone for casting out devils. A.G.H. Source: 81, 243.


Jasper prevents fever and dropsy, strengthens the brain, and promotes eloquence; it is a preservative against defluxions, the nightmare, and epilepsy. The stone, also, has curative properties for stomach disorders,

Jacinth or Hyacinth

A stone that saves one from the plague and lightening, strengthens the heart, brings wealth, honor, prudence and wisdom. It was recommended by Albertus Magnus as a soporific on account of its coldness,

Introduction to the mani zone

Finding and Authenticating Stones: Mani Zone is a progressive business based in and operated out of the UK. For years, we’ve made it our mission to immerse ourselves in the


Hyena is a multi-colored stone, taken from the eye of the animal of the same name. When placed under the tongue, it enables the possessor to foretell future events. It


Heliotrope, sometimes referred to as a bloodstone averaging in color from a moderate to reddish purple, is said to render the one possessing it invisible if it is rubbed with the juice


Hamon is a stone sacred like gold, and is shaped as a ram’s horn. When its possessor is in the disposition for contemplation, it gives the mind a representation of


Garnet preserves life and promotes joy; but among lovers it spreads discord. It helps anemia and blood diseases. (see Gem Healing) A.G.H.   Sources: 70, 197; 81, 176.


Emerald is a good stone for preventing decay, promotes childbirth, arrests dysentery, and heals bites from venomous animals. It is also good for eye diseases; a traditional eyewash is manufactured

Elementals Nature Spirits

Elemental Spirits Elementals are spirits that have only one element to their nature, usually air, fire, water or earth, but there are also elemental spirits of akasha. These are the


Droconites, otherwise dentrites draconius, or obsianus, is described by Albertus Magnus as a shining black stone of pyramidal figure. It is difficult to obtain, as it must be taken from the head