what is the meaning of the Star of David Symbol, Images and Necklace

Jewish symbol

The Star of David is known in Hebrew as Magen David, which literally means the «shield of David,» apparently from the popular notion that the Beloved King of Israel wore this symbol on his shields, although there is no evidence that this is true. Another name for it is the jewish star.

The star of David symbol was used in Israel in Roman times, but it seems to have become particularly associated with Judaism and jewish identity only in later centuries.

In the 17th century, it became a popular practice to put the Star of David symbol on the outside of synagogues, to identify them as Jewish houses of worship; however, it is not clear why this symbol was selected for this. Today the Star of David is a universally recognized symbol of Jews. It appears on the flag of the state of Israel, and the Israeli equivalent of the Red Cross is known as the Magen David Adom.


Images and Jewelry

Some related star of david sacred jewelry from this symbol like the sterling silver star david necklace.

King David Almighty shields

The name David in ancient Hebrew (during the time of the King) is made up of three letters «Dalet», «Vav» and «Dalet». The letter Dalet in ancient Hebrew is actually a triangle. King David used the six pointed star as his signature (the two triangles of his name). The middle letter «Vav» means six – The six pointed star.

The six-points of the jewish star symbolize that God rules over the universe and protects us from all six directions: North, South, East, West, Up and Down. The King used this symbol in the battlefield on his shield as an omen from God.



In the Kabbalah, the two triangles represent the dichotomies inherent in man: good vs. evil, spiritual vs. physical, etc. The shield of david triangle pointing up symbolizes our good deeds, which go up to heaven and activate a flow of goodness back down to the world, symbolized by the triangle pointing down.

The Star of David is sometimes known as the Creator’s Star, in which each of the six points represents a day of the week and the center corresponds to the Sabbath.

The Age of Aquarius

The Age of Aquarius was officially declared on January 23 1997 at 17:35 GMT.
When drawing a map by Jerusalem cast for that specific time, we receive a perfectly aligned Star of David! What does it mean? No one can really tell, but it is certainly amazing to see the shield of David!

The Merkaba and the star of david symbol

We have a Prana field that surrounds our body as a result of the meridians and the Prana flow. Then there is the field of the aura. The auric field is an egg shaped energy field that surrounds our body and changes its color according to our thoughts, feelings and emotions. After the auric field we have hundreds of electromagnetic fields.

These fields have precise geometrical shapes. Each one is made up of three identical fields with the same size and shape. The Prana field is the star tetrahedron, a three dimensional Star of David. A jewish person is able to rotate two of the three star tetrahedron fields in opposite directions by using the ancient Prana breathing technique, thus creating a huge 17- meter energy field – our light body – the Merkaba.

Written by David Weitzman – Ka Gold Jewelry artist
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