Spiritual Awakening Books


What is the Spiritual Awakening

The spiritual awakening is a path in your life that will no longer have a return. When you are ready to awaken the Universe and God will put before you the tools necessary for you to take . It can be because of a book ,an experience, a person that enters your life, or a sudden revelation.

Everything has a meaning and everything will be part of the process that you have to go through. Awakening is knowing that YOU are not what you think, it means not being deceived by what the mind tells you and means being attentive to what you say or think, including the negative thoughts that make you suffer. In short it is to be aware of your mind and yourself at every moment of your life.

When you realize that, you start not believing at all in your mind, to subordinate it to the things or thoughts that are good for you, to reinterpret reality and to focus on happiness, which is nothing more than a chosen path. Then you stop suffering, you start to enjoy and really live. That is to live in the moment, that is to be present and awake.

One of the best tools to do it, to awake is to read a book related to.


Best Spiritual Awakening Books

Here is a list of recommended spiritual books about awakening, click to get more information. You can also search yourself for a specific title.