South american gods

There are differences in the natures of the gods of South American mythology; there may be a comparison between the nature-gods worshipped in the temples of the Incas and those anonymous spirits conjured up in their huts by magicians in the Amazonian or Guiana areas. Also there existed a difference between the supernatural beings envisaged … Read more

mama kilya

Mama-Kilya, (mother moon) moon goddess, Inca (pre-Columbian, South America), is the consort of the sun-god Inti. She is important in the calculation of time and regulating of the Inca festival calendar.   The Indians consider the eclipse of the moon a sign of great danger, caused by a mountain or snake eating the moon, and … Read more


Ekkekko is the opposite of Supay, and others term opposite of Anchancho, is believed to be a good domestic god or spirit. This spirit represents good luck and prosperity being symbolized as a small balding, pot-bellied man radiating happiness and good will, usually loaded with all sort of items for domestic and personal use. Prior … Read more

Children of the sun

This partial legend of the children of the sun was told by Garcilasco Inca de la Vega. He claimed to have been taught when a child the official Inca legends by his uncles, members of Inca aristocracy. In past centuries all of the earth consisted of great mountains and brushwood. People lived like animals without … Read more


Huacas are believed by the Inca people to be a thing such as a mountain, passage, valley, or building from where each lineage originated and is regarded among the sacred places. In this sense Lake Titicaca would be considered a huaca. It is held the first which originated from the huacas returned there and were turned into … Read more