Open BIN File

  File Extension: .BIN Description: Binary format File Type: CD/DVD backup image   What is a BIN file? A BIN file is associated most commonly with compressed binary files. It is used by various computer applications for different purposes. It is commonly part of DVD and CD backup image files and some anti-virus programs. Also, … Read more

Open CDR File

File Extension: CDR Description: Corel Draw File Type: Corel Draw vector drawing   What is a CDR file? A CDR file is a Corel Draw Vector drawing format. As its name implies, it is used by Corel Draw, which is a popular program used for graphic drawing. The file can be opened by other packages … Read more

Open PDF File

Extension: .PDF Description: Portable Document file Format File Type: Document Mime type: application/pdfapplication/x-bzpdfapplication/x-gzpdf   If you are really not tech savvy, you should know right now that you are not alone. You are actually like many people out there who still need a bit of guidance from time to time. For example. What about: Have … Read more