Sleep Paralysis


Sleep Paralysis¬†can be defined as ‚Äúa stage between the sleep and wakefulness in which your body do not move or react‚ÄĚ. It is also described as the body‚Äôs signs of not being able to move during sleep stages. It is one of the most unnerving, hearts breaking, and shattering feeling. Due to ever increasing depressions in life, this disease is common now a day. Almost every 3rd¬†or 4th¬†person is suffering from this disease.



Sleep paralysis is usually categorized on the basis of time of its occurrence. There are two main kinds of sleep paralysis based on occurrence.

  1. Hypnagogic or Predormital
  2. Hypnopompic or Postdormital


1-Hypnogogic or Predormital

This is the type of sleep paralysis which occurs at the time of falling asleep. Actually, it is just a feeling of being unable to move. In reality, it is the brain which is relaxing the muscles for rest.


2-Hypnopompic or Postdormital

This type of sleep paralysis occurs when you are going to wake up after sleeping. Here, once again you feel unable to move.

Sleep paralysis usually starts from teen age and continues till life. There are many such incidents where people feel hallucination and they are feared of the situation. The people suffering from hallucination feel the presence of something that is actually not present. This creates fear in their mind. Therefore, in the past, it was considered that some bad omen come to wake the person. But the inventions of science and technology discerned its real nature.



There are many causes of sleep paralysis. Some of these are:

  • Lack of sleeping is one of the main causes of sleeping paralysis
  • Again and again changes in the schedule of sleep are also another cause.
  • Mental stress or depression is also a major cause of sleep paralysis. This depression may be due to financial problems, family problems, and other such issues.
  • Regularly sleeping on the back can also be a cause of sleeping paralysis.
  • Some people are already suffering from sleeping disorders like leg cramps, and narcolepsy and others. These disorders can also be a cause of sleep paralysis.
  • Use of drugs and Alcohol is also another major cause of sleep paralysis.
  • It is even believed to have its origin from family. It means it may also be an inherited problem.

How to stop

To stop it you have to relax. Then, start moving a finger, then a hand. Step by step you will transform the situation to a lucid dream.



As it is believed to be natural problem, there is no particular treatment to overcome this disease. Also, it is not medically severe type of disease and needs no medication. There are some simple ways you can overcome it easily.

  • Sleep paralysis can be easily controlled by increasing the duration of your sleep. This is because calm and enough sleeping is also essential for bodily health.
  • Another reason you can control it is regulating the time of sleep. Stop the shifting but set a time to sleep and also a time to wake up.
  • If you are suffering from depression then consult your physician and take some antidepressant tablets. When you get relieved of depression, your sleep will be peaceful and will remove sleep paralysis.
  • If you are addicted to drugs then you can overcome it by leaving this bad habit. This is also possible only with the help of a doctor.
  • Sleeping disorders, if treated genuinely by a physician, can be overcome and decrease the paralysis.


Can you die from Sleep Paralysis

Experts say you cannot get damaged in this state so the answer is No.



Some associate the paralysis with some kind of demon or demonic possession. This is out of science and without any foundation.

What should we think of it?

Sleeping paralysis is not a very severe problem and it should not be taken so serious. We, being an educated society, should not think of bad spirits and bad omens because these are not the causes of it. Instead of fearing it, we should try to overcome sleeplessness and also set a proper schedule of sleeping. We should also try to do something new to relieve stress at the time of sleeping. Doing something special will give us joy and relieve stress and thus cures the paralysis. We should also change the ways of sleeping and the place of sleeping. Always sleep on sides and enjoy the sleep on soft bed.

In conclusion, we can say that sleeping paralysis is not a treat worthy disease. It should be taken lightly.