The Skinny on astral cords

By Dana Cribari
Copyright © 2006

(BIO: Dana Cribari lives in Durango, Colorado with her two cats Winston and Celia. She is an author, speaker and intuitive channeling reader (a.k.a. psychic reader). Her practice is based upon providing practical psychic tools for others. She can be reached at or 970-375-1708.)

Notes and References: There is little written I could find about Astral Cords. This article is based upon what I learned through an energy healer in Fort Collins, Colorado, Carol Kellgren, as well as my personal experience, observations and psychic readings. There are smatterings of references to Astral Cords posted on spiritual and psychic forums. I also found this article by Pam Watson at:

Has a co-worker ever seemed to suck the energy out of you? Has a personal relationship, dating or otherwise, perpetuated itself in your life, even when you knew it was over? Have you ever felt an emotional/energetic piece of yourself distinctly and abruptly leave and go to someone you love?
These all describe potential Astral Cord occurrences.

Astral What?
Astral Cords.

Each of us possess an energetic field, otherwise known as an aura, interfaced with and surrounding our physical body. Within the aura and body, we also have seven main chakras
(energy centers). This is our energetic home during our lives in our physical bodies. Though we naturally energetically interface, consciously or unconsciously, with one another’s auras, we also have a way to literally energetically ‘hook up’ with each other. We connect through Astral Cords or energy cords. (I’ve also heard them referred to as Akkacords or Accacords.)

To me, Astral Cords look like rubbery, flexible, hollow light lines, connecting into my body. They expand to stretch over miles or contract to only a few feet. Sometimes they are thick and sometimes thread-like thin. Sometimes they have a couple of curved shaped hooks, attaching into me. Sometimes I am very aware of them and sometimes I do not even know they are there.
Astral Cord connections occur anytime two people, whether consciously or unconsciously, give permission to one another to energetically connect. Sometimes the connections are strong and remain in place for years, forming a bond much like a giant, deep tree root connecting into the ground. Other times, the connection happens lightly, in passing and easily disconnects like a thread flying loose. Other times the cord and connection develops strongly and then wanes, following the pattern of the relationship. Though the relationship may be over, the cord might remain connected, but listless and lifeless, like a dead grass frond in winter.

Astral Cords can both constructively and destructively affect the spiritual, energetic and psychic aspects of our lives. The Astral Cord bond can help us positively share information, emotion and energy more freely at the energetic/psychic level between one another-like between parent and child, husband and wife, or close friendships. Destructive Astral Cord bonds perpetuate unhealthy connections between people, leeching energy or seeping toxic energy between two people-like toxic co-worker situations, abusive relationships or co-dependency.
How we hook up with one another can make large differences in how we physically feel as well. Picture these following scenarios and imagine the energetic impact on each individual:

-Two lovers who have an Astral Cord connection running from heart chakra to heart chakra with love energy flowing back and forth.
-A husband and a wife. The husband has diabetes. One of the Astral Cords connecting this pair runs between the husband’s pancreas and the wife’s. The wife is energetically supporting the pancreas energy for both of them.
-Two co-workers. Both are working on an in-depth project with one another. An Astral Cord running between both of their Third Eye (forehead) Chakras.

Most of us unknowingly are energetic porcupines: we have Astral Cords protruding from us through a lifetime of un-cleared connections. Many times, we have multiple Astral Cord connections with the people we’ve developed close relationships with. The types of Astral Cord connections you choose to keep or clear directly impact the health of your energetic field, your aura. . . and directly affect your overall physical health.
If you want to ‘uncord,’ here are some simple steps to follow (with highest intent):

1. Create a meditative, calm state and call on your Highest Spirit Guides/Angels/Entities for help.
2. Once you are there, ask to see your Astral Cords, or more specifically, ask to see the Astral Cords connected to you in relation to a specific person. Wait and watch for those cords to light up for you. (The more you practice this, the more adept you will become in seeing and/or feeling them.)
3. If you want to remove a cord, with conscious intent, unhook the cord with your right hand (releasing hand) and send it out of your aura or energy field. Ask your Highest Spirit Guides/Angels to help you remove it and send it/hook it back to the person it is connected to (you do not want the cause energy bleeding from the unhook cord in the other individual). Tell them you do not want the connection back, creating an energy shield from further connections.
4. DO NOT rip, cut or tear out Astral Cords. This creates holes in your aura which will leak energy. It also causes energy leaks in the cords still connected to the other individual.
5. Ask you Highest Spirit Guides/Angels to help you fill any and all energy/aura holes with liquid light gold to seal in your energy.
6. Give thanks.

Like any energy work, the greater intent you work with, the stronger the results. You may need to do this systematically as we unknowingly, easily, unconsciously give these connections away. . . especially if we have been in the habit with another person. The more you consciously select your connections, the stronger your aura will become and the healthier, more clear you will be able to live.