Sibu is an Indian name for God, meaning Supreme Master or the highest chief. Sibu came before all other things. He made the land out of which he created the mountains, trees, and everything else in nature. After this humans and other living things appeared.

The humans were made from a special type of mud, and modeled in his own appearance as he thought he appeared.

The mud out of which he made humans he gave the property of life because of his spiritual feeling and, also, because of his power.

Sibu is taught to all of the people so they can communicate with him themselves.

It is believe all things around the people mean Sibu; therefore the people do not pray to him because He is in all things seen, but Sibu is in all things. This appears to be a pantheistic belief.

It is believed a spirit tries to keep the people away from Sibu. In Spanish this means the same as the devil. The spirit is like a ghost, no one sees it, but it is always there. (Cabecar Indian, Costa Rica) A.G.H.


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