Sibu Indian God

Sibu is an Indian name for God, meaning Supreme Master or the highest chief. Sibu came before all other things. He made the land out of which he created the mountains, trees, and everything else in nature. After this humans and other living things appeared.

The humans were made from a special type of mud, and modeled in his own appearance as he thought he appeared. The mud out of which he made humans he gave the property of life because of his spiritual feeling and, also, because of his power.

Sibu is taught to all of the people so they can communicate with him themselves. It is believe all things around the people mean Sibu; therefore the people do not pray to him because He is in all things seen, but Sibu is in all things. This appears to be a pantheistic belief.

It is believed a spirit tries to keep the people away from Sibu. In Spanish this means the same as the devil. The spirit is like a ghost, no one sees it, but it is always there. (Cabecar Indian, Costa Rica) A.G.H.


Sibu indian God

Sibu, an Indian name for God, holds a special place in the beliefs and spirituality of the people who worship Him. The word «Sibu» itself carries a profound meaning, signifying the Supreme Master or the highest chief, a title that reflects His supreme authority and significance in the universe.

According to the teachings and legends, Sibu is believed to be the creator of all existence, preceding everything that exists in the world. In the beginning, it is said that Sibu crafted the very foundation of the Earth itself, shaping the land that would later become the canvas upon which the rest of creation would be painted. He molded the mountains, trees, rivers, and every facet of the natural world. Sibu’s touch brought forth the harmonious diversity of nature as we know it.

In the grand act of creation, humans were brought into existence as well. Sibu, with His divine hands, shaped humans from a special type of mud. This mud was imbued with the property of life, a testament to Sibu’s spiritual connection and immense power. In creating humans in His own image, He shared with them a part of Himself, instilling a deep connection between the Creator and His creation.

The knowledge of Sibu is not limited to a select few; rather, it is a universal teaching bestowed upon all people. Each individual is encouraged to connect with Sibu personally, fostering a direct and profound relationship with the Supreme Master. This personal connection allows believers to communicate with Sibu and seek His guidance, wisdom, and blessings.

A core tenet of the belief system is the idea that Sibu is omnipresent, existing within and around all things in the visible world. This belief reflects a pantheistic perspective, where the divine is not separate from the natural world but is intertwined with it. Consequently, people do not engage in traditional forms of prayer directed towards Sibu because they recognize His presence in all that surrounds them.

However, this spiritual harmony is not without its challenges. There exists a presence, often referred to as a spirit, whose purpose seems to be to keep people away from Sibu. In the Spanish language, this spirit is equivalent to what is commonly referred to as the «devil.» It is described as a ghostly entity, unseen by human eyes, yet its influence is ever-present. This spiritual struggle adds depth to the belief system, as it emphasizes the ongoing battle between the desire to connect with the divine, represented by Sibu, and the opposing force that seeks to hinder this connection.


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