Best Books on Shamanism


Shamanism is the Set of beliefs and practices concerning shamans.

It is the oldest spiritual practice known to mankind. Archaeological evidence places the first shamanic practices more than 40,000 years ago. Therefore, they are part of our common cultural heritage and are universal.

The shamanic tradition constitutes the roots of all existing spiritual and healing models. Hence, you can find references of our shamanic ancestors in all cultures: Celtic, European, Native American,Australian aborigines, among many others.

Each shaman uses practices with characteristics of their culture, but they are all based on the same Universal Principles. Consequently, all the shamans of the world, for example, speak of the existence of parallel realities and Spirits of Compassion that work with the shaman and make healing possible. In addition, everyone understands in a very similar way concepts such as: illness; nature; the soul or death. And everyone knows, too, that it is possible to bring useful information from these other worlds.


Shamanism Books


Best Books on Shamanism and Healing


This short list is based on our opinion after checking many books on Shamanism and healing. These are the most recommended books that cover the topics in a serious and educational way. The first is not recommended for beginners, the next two are great options for curious in start the shamanic journey. At the end of the article you can search for more.


Shamanism: Archaic Techniques of Ecstasy

Author: Mircea Eliade

This is probably the best book on this topic, like the bible on Shamanism it covers many information in a serious wa . If you want to know all about it this is your book. However, it is probably not the best as an introduction for newbies.

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The way of the Shaman

Author: Michael Harner

Another great resource that covers from a traditional perspective the shaman beliefs. This is the best option for beginners.

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Shamanic Journeying: A Beginner’s Guide

Author: Sandra Ingerman

Another good option for newbies. This is a basic starting guide an explanation to shamanic concepts, ideas and beliefs.

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