Seven rays of theosophy

The Seven Rays of Theosophy form a modern hierarchy of beauty and power called speculative by some by has inspired works of art. This is certainly the hierarchy of the Masters who guide the world in a certain way enhanced by their disciples.

The fundamental components of this hierarchy are the Seven Rays, analogous to the seven lamps in the Book of Revelation and the «seven ways of bliss» in The Secret Doctrine. All human history and all human temperaments, all ways to serve and all ways to joy, are seen as manifestations of one or another of the seven «rays» which channel divine energy into the life of the world. Furthermore, each ray is associated with one or more Masters, who is an expression of it and also aids on inner planes its benign work in the world.

Some modern Theosophists picture this hierarchy as the model of the divine Trinity: the First Ray is at the top; the second Ray forms the first lower corner; Rays Three through Sevenform the second.

The Seven Rays:

Second Ray is the Ray of wisdom and teaching.
ThirdRay is the Ray of adaptability and a subtle sense of timing and of interrelationships.
FourthRay is the Ray of beauty and harmony.
FifthRay is the Ray concerned with the accuracy of observation, so with science.
SixthRay is the Ray of the devotional path.
Seventh Ray is the Ray that governs ceremony in human life.





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