Sensitive Definition, Meaning, Highly Sensitive Person and People


Sensitivity is a paranormal characteristic of a person, who also may be a “psychic,” who has psychic powers, but has not the ability to communicate with the dead. A sensitive is not a medium, nor is a medium necessarily a sensitive, rather an instrument for spirit communication.

Sensitives may possess profound psychometric, telepathic, clairvoyant (ordinary and medical) powers; and may also tell fortunes, find objects and render accurate character definitions. However, they may claim no external source.


This means that they have no spirit “guide” (see Guardian spirit) and there would not be any exteriorization of ectoplasm or psychic force to make manifestations from the Beyond possible.

Some mediums may also be sensitives, but possessing weak psychic powers, and they may subconsciously rely on these powers which cause them to give confused messages. The reason for this is that the subconscious mind may readily accept the suggestion of acting as a departed spirit.

The term “sensitive” became popular in the 19th century with the rise of Spiritualism. And use with “medium”; however, its main connotation is non-Spiritualist, approximating the term “psychic.” 



Who is a sensitive person?

A sensitive person is an individual quick to respond to or detect slight changes, influences or signals. He is also an individual displaying or having a delicate and quick appreciation of the feelings of others

A sensitive person can keep secrets. He can also be trusted not to disclose sensitive or security issues to avoid endangering others. At times, a person is claimed sensitive due to his or her ability to respond to paranormal influences. In the paranormal world, sensitive means possessing perception via the senses. Being sensitive is equally synonymous with possessing adequate energy and emitting that energy to things, places, and persons around the sensitive individual.

Some call sensitivity “gut instinct”, while some other ones see being sensitive as having a “good judge of character”. Sensitivity is all about vibes and it is generally believed that vibes do not lie. Humans are mere energy and sensitive persons are able to make the most of that energy more than others. When a sensitive person meets a new individual, he puts out his vibrational energy and can pick up unseen information about the new person and the environment.


All humans are sensitive to an extent, but not all humans can display sensitivity as much as those who have it as a special gift. Every human can develop his gift of sensitivity and be able to get astral information about people and the environment. However, one needs to learn how to accept that gift of sensitivity and also know how to work with the gift, as well as, how to trust the gift. In the paranormal world, there is a different and higher level of understanding and acceptance since it is a special gift entirely.

As a paranormal person, you can easily feel the presence of spirits even if you cannot see them. A sensitive person in the paranormal world can feel an unseen presence and energies when he walks into a location. The sense of a sensitive person can take him on a journey to the unseen world. He can also distinguish via different sensations, the type of energy he is dealing with currently.

Differentiating between good and bad energies

A sensitive person can easily sense the presence of both good and bad energy. Consequently, he can sense the presence of both angels and demons in a particular location. Some paranormal sensitive persons have owned up to feeling uncomfortable when in close proximity to negative energy, like the feeling of imbalance and heaviness, with everything going haywire for that period. These individuals have mastered this feeling to the extent that they sense such presence when they are in the presence of these energies.

The feeling also changes to something more exciting when in the presence of positive energy or spirit. The negative energies almost always act violently on the sensitive person, while the good energies almost always act lovingly when relating to the sensitive person. At times, a sensitive person hears the voice of the positive and negative energies. In certain instances, the EPVs of these spirits can also be captured and the paranormal sensitive person can easily see the spirits walking down the hall.


The sensitive person must also seek to protect himself to forestall an attack from these spirits. After detecting spirits in a particular location, he should take precautions so that the spirits will not end up coming home with him. A finding shows that up to 23% of paranormal sensitive people have been struck by lightning. It is, therefore, very important for the paranormal person to take steps to protect himself. How can you protect yourself as a sensitive person? First of all, you need to realize that your paranormal sensitivity is a gift and not something to be worried about. Even if you are not emotionally or physically strong to bear this, you should not worry yourself; strength will come from the moment you accept the gift and become comfortable with manifesting it.

Studies have shown that many of these spirits can distinguish between a sensitive person and an insensitive person in the paranormal sense. He also must learn to trust himself as this can go a long way in helping his career as a paranormal sensitive person.

Paranormals can improve themselves and get better over time. Experience can also teach them how to manage this gift and get better at what they do.


Characteristics of highly sensitive persons

Sensitive persons have psychic ability. They also have extra-sensory perception far beyond the level of normal humans. A paranormal sensitive person has hunches and can sense the feelings of others, as well as, know the future. Also, such an individual can see movements and shadows from the corner of his or her eyes. He will equally sense a physical discomfort when making a wrong decision, like knots in the stomach.

Furthermore, a sensitive person can heal them and also experience imagined sensations as real. Studies show that about 69% of individuals have also experienced psychic phenomena, while up to 23% have been struck by lightening


Examples of highly sensitive people

John Edward

He is the most accurate of all paranormal sensitive persons on earth today. His gift has helped him to resolve several burning issues and he has appeared on several media, including radio, live shows and TV.

The Psychic Twins

They are the most documented paranormal sensitive persons on earth today. The Jamison twins got into the limelight after their 9/11 attacks prediction. Linda Jamison and Teri Jamison have successfully persuaded people about their paranormal sensitivity.

Theresa Caputo

She is located in Long Island and operates from this source. She is well known as a paranormal sensitive person, a channel and a medium. Also, she can serve the needs of those who need trance channeling service.

James Van Praagh

He is the most respected spiritual teacher and psychic. Also, he is a medium and clairvoyant, aside from being a highly sensitive person. He has extraordinary power as a sensitive person and could only detect this power as a young adult. He has grown to accept his gift and has also explored this gifted ability over the years.


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