Seeing Water in Dream Is Good or Bad

Water is one of the four elements of life and has significance in different cultures all around the world. That is why it is considered a vital sign when we see water in our dreams. Water in the dreams has more significance than any other symbol.

But, seeing water in a dream is good or bad? It can be a good sign or bad. Let’s the related meaning.


Dreams About Water Meaning

Dreams about water are a symbol of our emotional state of mind. Your state of mind will determine the form that water will take in your dreams. For instance, if your dream features smooth, calm flowing water, it may be a sign of peace and harmony in your life. Dreams featuring water can involve many symbols like river, sea, flood, moor, shore, mist, vapor, oceanic swells, and other concepts related to water. Besides, the form of the water represents your soul’s inner being as well as your health condition.


Dreaming about Dirty Water

Seeing dirty water in your dreams may represent negative emotions you have bottled up inside you at that period. Especially towards your partner.

If you are drowning in dirty water in your dreams, it may be an indication that you are crushed by many problems in your life. And you seem not to have a way out.



Dreaming of a Clear Pond

A clear pond with swans can be a sign of wealth through the industry. If you see the reflections of clouds and trees in a pond, it is an indication that you will be fluent in speaking in front of audiences.


Dreams about Waterfall

The waterfall is a sign of good times ahead. It is an announcement of a successful, fruitful period in your business, career or personal matters. Your endeavors during this period will be profitable, and your relationship will be peaceful.

Other water Dreams:

  • An ocean voyage symbolizes an escape from trouble.
  • Dreams about floods can represent a negative element, such as debt.
  • Stormy weather or being caught in the rain means that you should take control of your emotions
  • Hot or boiling water is an indication that your emotions are running high and you have to relax
  • Walking on water means you have your feelings under control
  • Rivers in your life represent changes in your life. And if it is fast, it means you will experience rapid changes soon. But if the river is calm, you are comfortable with the changes in your life.
  • Being lost at sea is a sign that the person is floating in life without a sense of direction
  • Getting electrocuted in the water means you are going to receive shocking news soon.
  • To see a mirror image of oneself represents self-delusion or deception by others.
  • Drinking cold water in the dream means that the person is in harmony with his body and attentive to his health. But if the water is hot, it may symbolize illness.


In Summary – seeing water in a dream is good or bad ?

Water is a powerful sign that represents a profound message to the dreamer. And identifying the events in one’s water dream can be of advantage to the individual both physically and psychologically.

It is therefore imperative for you to take the time and recall as many objects as you can in your dream. Though water dreams are common, the event that takes place makes them unique to the dreamer. And it can be a good sign or a bad one, depending on the events in the dream.

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