Scientists show vampires exist

Although much more is said about sightings of Bigfoots or ghosts, vampires have also been seen in many places around the world. While it is impossible to verify if they are real vampires, the stories about their existence are truly fascinating. As we discussed, although vampires have been related to fiction, there is still a strong belief today. Many people have claimed to have seen mysterious human forms moving through the dark, even in certain places residents have come to know them.

One of the most striking cases occurred in Turkey, where a 23-year-old resident was actually a vampire, with the need to drink blood. The young Turk came to cut his arms, chest and belly with his razors, to drink his own blood.
And what does science say about vampires? In short, scientists say that vampires really exist in the modern world.


They are among us


Current vampires are not the typical classic vampire, nor do they practice any of the vampire habits of movies. Modern vampires require a small amount of human blood to supplement their energy needs according to a study of modern vampires by Professor DJ Williams of Idaho State University, the mysterious creatures of the night come from all walks of life.

They are very successful common people,» Williams said, though he admitted that vampires are finding it difficult to make friends with people who let them drink their blood.

Most modern vampires are successful professionals. These people are not people who adopt a lifestyle as if it were a big screen vampire, television, or a gothic lifestyle. These people really need a small amount of human blood to maintain their energy levels.

Modern vampires prefer the blood of the chest area and have no problem finding suppliers who offer them premium blood.

The real vampire community has conscience and ethics,» Williams said in the journal Critical Social Work. Most vampires believe they were born that way, they did not choose this condition. Mythical vampires seem to capture attention and generate interest as vampire mythological figures have been present across diverse cultures for thousands of years.
Of course it is particularly interesting that the vampire can occupy a curious space between life and death. »


In addition, according to research, the population of vampires around the world is estimated at several thousand. Modern vampires are reluctant to talk about their alternative lifestyle with doctors or therapists because of fear of legal consequences, being tried or being admitted to a psychiatric facility. These vampires see themselves as productive members of society who have a physical or psychological need to consume blood.


The point of the article is that self-identifying vampires are probably more common than most people think,» Williams said. Many people probably assume that it is part of the imagination of younger or younger children who see» Twilight «or other pop culture stuff. However, the vampire community is real, it is composed of people who need extra energy (either blood or psychic energy), and do not tend to adapt to that demographic stereotype. »


The aim of the study has been to make known the existence of vampires and avoid detrimental consequences for people who feel they are real vampires. Given what is politically correct in any country in the world, there should be legislation that would guarantee rights over vampires.

After research conducted by Professor DJ Williams, no one will ever be able to say that vampires do not exist or are mere inventions of literature. These beings of the night are very real, are among us, with the sole aim of quenching their thirst for blood. The scientific community has recognized its existence, in the near future they will have their own laws and we are sure that they will end up controlling the world