Who said give me liberty or give me death


Give me liberty or give me death
Were the words of the young Patrick Henry, who after much discussion with his assembly colleagues considered that their speech against the oppressor was futile and useless. When the young patriot felt that these men,  proposed to take the path of peace and not the struggle for freedom, he said at the meeting of the Convention of 1775: “Peace, peace!” But peace no longer exists. The war has already begun. Our breaths are already on the battlefield! Why do we remain, then, inactive? What do men want? What do you want? Is life so precious, or peace so sweet, to be bought at the price of chains and slavery? I do not know the course that others have to take? But as far as I am concerned: give me liberty or give me death!?.

Words that inspired the beginning of the American Revolution and the libertarian movements of America entire. In a few days began the English repression. The war for independence of the American colonies began by sowing the sacrificial furrow with many patriotic lives.

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