Sacred Geometry Jewelry – Pendants, Rings, Necklaces Geometric Jewels, Price

One way to have direct contact with the spiritual and harmonizing effects of the sacred geometry symbols and patterns of nature creation is through a geometric shape in jewelry: rings, pendant, necklaces and earrings in gold and silver, stone, crystal, copper, gemstones, orgonite for mens and women . Sacred geometry also can be found in art.

sacred geometry jewelry


Most popular sacred geometry jewellery

Flower of Life Pendant - Gold Check Price

Flower of life gold pendant Solid gold 14K The flower of life is the most popular sacred geometry symbol

Flower of Life Pendant - Silver Check Price

Flower of life silver pendant Solid Sterling Silver 925

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Seed of life gold pendant Solid gold 14k

Check Price

Seed of life silver pendant Solid silver 925

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Tree of life gold pendant Solid gold 14K

Check Price

Tree of life silver pendant Solid Sterling Silver 925

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Metatron cube gold pendant Solid gold 14K

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Metatron cube silver pendant Solid Sterling Silver 925

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Merkabah Orgonite Pendant & Necklace



Best Geometry Jewelry

These are the most important ancient symbols,  sacred geometry patterns and shapes  of creation: rings, pendants and necklaces. You will also find some suggested products.


1. The Flower of Life Jewelry

It is composed of multiple, evenly spaced, overlapping circles, arranged to form a flower-like pattern in the shape of a hexagon, within two larger circles.

The center of each circle is on the circumference of six surrounding circles of the same diameter. Among other myriad interpretations, it is a perfectly symmetrical visual representation of seeds and their flowers.

And as such is an expression of the cycle of life. It contains within it all five of the Platonic Solids.

Find a jewelry sacred of this pattern. Common materials are gold and sterling silver.



Gold necklace and Silver necklace. These are the mots popular models the gold pendant and silver pendant. Ancient spiritual Jewelry sacred made with pure gold and 925 sterling silver.

Check the price clicking on the image.

flower of life gold pendant flower of life silver pendant



Gold ring and silver ring.

flower of life gold ring

2. Geometric Pendant

Pendant with Intrinsic Meanings

Rather than adorning with little or no significant meaning, why not put on a Sacred pendant that holds other worldly, spiritual, and intrinsic values. Both gold and silver are great options. You can click on the image to know the price.

flower of life pendant

When it comes to pendants with spiritual and symbolic meanings, the Flower, the Seed of Life, Golden Spiral, Merkabah, Shri Yantra, Torus Knot are really special pendants to cherish.

  • The Flowers of Life and Seeds of Life pendants consist of flower shaped patterns formed by large overlapping concentric circles that take on a hexagonal arrangement.
  • While the cubes symbolise Metatron the Archangel, the Flower and Seed of Life represent the cycle of life.
  • The Merkabah pendant consists of a couple of opposite facing overlapping tetrahedrons which represent the two-sides of life. This can be good and evil, positive and negative, active and passive, and so on.

No matter what your culture, tradition or religion may be, you can be sure to find a pendant that will be perfectly aligned with your belief system.

You can find it with gold and sterling silver. The price will increase but also the quality.


3. Geometric Necklaces


Be Shrouded in the Mystic of a Sacred Necklace

 You can never go wrong when you choose to wear a Sacred necklace today, a gold one or a silver one will be fine. The intricate and complex patterns of the Shri Yantra or the cubes of metatron will leave inquisitive onlookers spellbound.

Admirers will be left guessing as to what the overlapping patterns of the Flowers of Life necklace represent. The necklace offers you an opportunity to strike up a decent conversation and make new friends.

As you wear the Seeds of Life necklace, your family and friends are sure to be in awe of the beautiful, simplistic patterns of the pendant.


4. Metatron’s Cube jewelry

metatron cube silver

It is made with solid sterling silver 925.


Evoke the power of Metatron

 Step out in confidence and style with this consisting of the pendant and necklace. Metatron is the name of an Archangel, a protector that you too can evoke whenever you wear it.

It consists of all five platonic solids. The complicated, interwoven patterns on the pendant are made up of circles, triangles and rectangles to give the unique, angular shaped design that is synonymous with Metatron’s.


5.  Ring

flower of life ring

A Ring to Match your Necklace

 Just as the Sacred necklace is a work-of-art, so also is the Sacred ring a piece of spiritual artistic ingenuity. You can now compliment your Flowers of Life pendant with a matching Flowers of Life ring.

Apart from the Flowers of Life, you can also get a ring in different popular patterns like the Shri Yantra, Seed of Life, Merkabah, Golden Spiral and Torus Knot.

Get a sacred ring in gold, silver or two tones of gold & silver today! These rings are fantastic gift items to present to family and friends to mark a special occasion.


6. Metatron’s Cube Necklace

metatron cube necklace

With this mystical necklace, you will not only step out in style, but with an air of confidence. Far from being an amulet for protection by Metatron the Archangel, this is also a sophisticated, yet trendy.

This necklace is the perfect blend of ancient, theological symbolism and conventional, pragmatic fashion. This gold or silver necklace can be comfortably worn on all attire without making you feel out of place.


7. Geometric Earrings

seed of life earrings

Come Full-circle Earrings

Whenever you wear your pendants, necklace and ring for that evening outing, you need to come full-circle by including a pair of geometric earrings to compliment your outfit.

You can get a pair of gold or silver earrings or pendants with the Flowers of life, Seed of Life,  tree of life, Golden Spiral, Merkabah, Shri Yantra, Metatron, and Torus Knot pattern design.

These earrings hold a special spiritual meaning that transcends fashion. So, each pair of earrings you put on will accentuate both your inner and outer beauty.


8. Geometric Jewelry

geometric jewelry

 One for Every Occasion

 If you love wearing pendants, necklaces, bracelets, rings or earrings, you can be sure to get splendid Geometric jewelry to meet your preference and need.

There are many in different shapes and patterns to choose from, such as; the tree of life, the Flower of Life, Seed of Life, Golden Spiral, Merkabah, Shri Yantra, Metatron cube and Torus Knot.

Never go outdoors today without a jewel that suits your mood and dressing. It comes in gold, silver or a delicate blend of both precious metals.


9. Geometric Bracelet

tree of life bracelet

One-of-a-kind Bracelet

 Whether you are male or female, you can wear a bracelet to compliment your overall outfit. These bracelets are designed in intricate familiar and sacred patterns to give you a one-of-a-kind piece.

Put on a Sacred necklace and wear a bracelet to match. You can pick from the different patterns available like the Flower of Life, Seed of Life, Golden Spiral, Merkabah, Shri Yantra, Metatron’s cube and Torus Knot.


10. Metraton’s cube Pendant

Metatron’s Cube can be made with the Flower of Life as a starting point, but the emphasis is on the angles rather than the circles. It, too, contains all five of the Platonic Solids. It symbolizes the Archangel. This pendant is a great symbol to protect.

metatron's cube pendant


A Healthy and Safe Metatron Cube Pendant

 The symbolic pendant is available in gold, silver and two tones of gold & silver. This inspirational piece is hypoallergenic, it is also free of nickel, and lead.

A Perfect Pendant for all Occasions

 With a matching necklace, this stylish pendant is both healthy and safe to adorn for all occasions. The gorgeous Metatron cube pendant will compliment your casual, formal and evening wears.

Be unique and stand out from the crowd with this elegant pendant.

Personalised Gift Item

Put a smile on the face of a loved one today by presenting the unisex Metatron cube pendant as a personal gift item. This pendant is available in an elegant gift box. It is an ideal present for Anniversaries, Birthdays, Graduation, and even Valentine’s day.

For a token price amount, you can also personalise it to let your loved one know just how much you care about them.


11. The Seed of Life Jewelry

It is composed of seven overlapping circles arranged in the shape of a hexagon. The overlapping circles create the image of a six-pointed flower in the middle.

Some believe it represents the seven days of creation.

Find this pattern at the best price.



Click to know price and more information.

the seed of life gold necklace


12. Torus Knot Jewelry

The Torus Knot is a sphere that turns in on one side and comes out the other in seeming perpetual motion.

Among other things, it is considered a geometrical model of the universe, and stresses one consciousness behind existence.


13. The Shri Yantra Jewelry

The Shri Yantra consists of nine interlocking triangles that surround a central point called a bindu. It represents the cosmos and the human body, and the union of the Divine Feminine and Masculine.

We can see it as a pendant.


Sri Yantra Necklace

Sri Yantra Necklace

14. Merkabah Jewelry

The Merkabah or Star Tetrahedron is composed of two overlapping opposing tetrahedrons spinning in opposite directions.

Merkaba represents the inseparable relationship between two complementary halves:

  • positive and negative,
  • active and passive,
  • manifest and unmanifest,
  • etc.

merkabah gold


15. Golden Spiral Jewels

golden spiral jewels

The Golden Spiral represents the Golden Ratio. It is expressed in the classic shape of a nautilus shell or a spiral galaxy. Plato believe it to be the key to the physics of the cosmos.

We can find rings, pendants, bracelets and necklaces of the golden mean fibonacci spiral.