Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is a type of the quartz stone. Distinctly known for its blush-pink color, it can range from semi-opaque to completely translucent and in some cases is cloudy.  The rose quartz has become popular because of its meaning and healing properties.

The quartz stone is semi-precious and healing crystal that can be found all over the world. It is available in different forms like tumbled stones, crystal pillars, clusters.




The rose quartz has been labeled as the ‘heart stone’ because of what it symbolizes. This crystal represents different types of love, passion, healing, warmth, reconciliation, and good luck. The love this crystal represents does not always have to do with another person; sometimes it is representative of self-love. The meanings of this stone make it ideal for emotional healing or issues that affect the heart.



Evidence shows that the rose quartz was used by ancient civilizations. Jewelry and amulets made with rose quartz dating  600BC have been discovered.

Egyptians, Romans, and Greeks used this crystal to show ownership, and in later years, it was used as a symbol to show that an agreement had been reached.

The Egyptian women used rose quartz to preserve their beauty and to prevent aging. To achieve this, they rubbed the crystals on their faces and made masks out of this stone too.  The Tibetans used rose quartz to carve statues that can now be found in China.

Physicians in the middle ages used rose quartz as well. Because of the detoxifying power of the stone, they believed that it was as an antidote to any poison.

Rose quartz was used to make amulets and talismans worn by people of different cultures. In some cases, this stone was given to a lover as a symbol of eternal love.




A few myths exist to explain the origin of the rose quartz. Some of them are:


  • Adonis and Aphrodite: One myth states that the God of war, Ares while in the form of a boar attacked and killed Adonis. Aphrodite who loved Adonis was injured by thorns on her way to help Adonis. When she got to Adonis, he was already dead. The blood from both their injuries stained a clear quartz stone and gave it a rose-colored hue.  Zeus felt sorry for them and brought Adonis back to life for six months out of the year.
  • Cupid: Another myth that explains the origin of the rose quartz pertains to cupid. It states that this crystal was brought to earth by Cupid as a tool to spread and attract love.
  • Egyptian Goddess, Isis: This myth states that Isis would use a rose quartz stone that had been smoothed in the river to rub her face to maintain her beauty. Eventually, this practice was adopted by Egyptian women as well.



Healing Properties

On the Body

  • This stone is useful in promoting proper blood circulation and preventing heart-related problems.
  • Rose quartz can help to prevent premature aging and ensure skin cell regeneration. This can also help to fade scars and heal skin diseases.
  • Rose Quartz can prevent and heal kidney related ailments.
  • Treat sexual dysfunction and inadequacies.
  • This crystal is a treatment for infertility and any issues that may affect the female reproductive system.
  • This stone can help the wearer lose weight. This is because the stone provides a feeling of self-worth that will help the wearer make better health choices.
  • It removes toxins from the body.
  • It promotes proper functioning and healing of the liver.


On the Mind and Emotions

  • Rose quartz can help you face repressed emotions and deal with them.
  • This crystal can provide mental and emotional strength. This makes rose quartz useful for dealing with life challenges.
  • This stone can exude a calming feeling that can help to relieve feelings of anxiety or fear.
  • Rose Quartz helps to enhance creativity and intelligence.
  • It can create and increase feelings of self-worth and self-esteem. This is the first step in being able to love anyone else properly.
  • This stone can eliminate negative emotional energies like envy, jealousy, distrust, fear and create a balance of emotions.
  • Rose Quartz can provide healing from a broken heart or lost love.
  • It is a reconciliatory stone. When used properly, this stone can remove conflicts from relationships and create harmony.
  • This is a nurturing stone; it promotes bonding between a new mother and her baby. It can prevent postpartum depression and promotes faster healing.


Spiritual Benefits 


  • This stone can bring you into spiritual balance. It balances the chakras in the body.
  • When paired with other crystals, rose quartz is an effective tool for ensuring spiritual growth.
  • Practitioners of the mystic acts use this when making love potions and wealth charms because of the good luck the stone attracts.


How to Use Rose Quartz


There are a few ways that Rose Quartz can be used for healing. The manner in which the crystal is used is dependent on the purpose for using it. Below are some ways you can use this stone:


  • Wear It as Jewelry: one of the simplest ways to use this stone is to wear it as jewelry. By wearing it, you can enjoy a calm, consistent wave of the energy from this stone.  It can improve your mood and eliminate toxins from your immediate environment. It is advised to wear this stone as a pendant if you are using it for emotional reasons. When the rose quartz pendant is close to the heart chakra, it is more effective.

Significantly, rose quartz is an intuitive stone that attracts good fortune. This makes it an ideal crystal to wear or have in your pocket if you will be making important decisions or be interviewed.  

  • Place Rose Quartz in Your Home: This stone can be kept in parts of your home where you want to feel its impact. Put this stone close to your electronics to eliminate radiation. Leave rose quartz in the family room to ensure unity, a feeling of calm and resolution of conflicts. Using rose quartz in the bedroom can resolve problems in a relationship, increase expressions of love, eliminate sexual problems and increase fertility.  Using this stone in your office can provide a boost in your productivity and protect you from toxicity at work.
  • Meditate with the Rose Quartz: Hold this stone in your hand while meditating and project your desires into the stone. While meditating with this stone, think of positive things you would like to manifest through the energy it gives. If you prefer, you can lie down with the stone over your heart and meditate.

How to Cleanse Rose Quartz

When you receive your rose quartz in the mail or buy it in the store, it will already have some energy within it. This could be from the person who mailed it, the individual who mined it or even the last few people to hold the stone. This is why you need to cleanse it before use. A suggestion is that after cleansing rose quartz when you receive it, subsequently you should cleanse the stone every 15 days. Some ways to cleanse this stone include:


  • Using cool running water: Cleanse this stone by holding it under running water for a little while. Do not use hot water as this can cause the stone to fracture. Dry the stone with a soft cloth after cleansing it.
  • Bury the crystal in the soil to cleanse it of negative energies and charge it. You can bury it in a potted plant if that is all you have.
  • Smudge your crystal in the smoke of burning herbs like sage, cedar, and incense.
  • Place your crystal where it can be exposed to moonlight and leave it there throughout the night. Leaving rose quartz in the sun could cause the color to fade. In extreme heat, the stone could fracture.  
  • Bury your crystal in dry rice to get rid of negative energies. Leaving the crystals on top of dry rice for a few hours also works.
  • Cleanse your rose quartz using other cleansing crystals. Place your rose quartz on a cluster of cleansing stones like Selenite, Kyanite, Citrine so that they absorb the negative energy in your crystal.
  • Use rose water: By pouring a little rose water on your stone, you can cleanse and energize your rose quartz.


How to Care for Rose Quartz

  • Do not expose it to heat for long periods. Doing this could cause your crystal to crack and could cause the color of the stone to fade.
  • Do not get damaging materials like bleach or soap on your crystals. If you leave your crystal in your pocket, remember to take it out before washing your clothes.