Religious Jewelry


The ordinary kinds of jewelry, like rings and chains have ordinary benefit. However, the religious forms of this jewelry have spiritual benefits. Jewelry can serve various purposes, functions, festivals, and occasions. Additionally, it can showcase the financial and social status of the individual.

Religious jewelry spans several cultures. In the Hindu culture, for example, gives credence to religion jewelry a lot. This jewelry comes in the form of pendants, chain, rings and so on, and can be worn around the feet, neck, wrist, hands and so on. These jewelries can make someone feel complete and also bring good luck.

Religions jewelry are of different types, and they have different meaning too. Your purpose of using the jewelry can determine the type of religious jewelry you wear. Many people use the jewelry for preventing the control of negative influence. Some of them can be used for beautification, but their main purpose is for spiritual protection or favor.


Hindu jewelry

The Om pendant is an example of the sacred jewelry around. The jewelry can be worn around the neck, and the symbol can be found in virtually all Hindu temples. The jewelry works to drive away anxieties and tensions of life. Wearing it can keep you positive and energetic for as long as you put it on.

The Hindu religion has several religious pieces of jewelry to its credit. They are also available in various price ranges, and anyone living on a budget can buy them. Aside from the Om bracelets and pendants, other types of Hindu jewelry are Sbatti charms, jewelry featuring Ganesh and Shiva. Om is also available in the form of earrings. Some of them come with recycled materials, while others feature precious metals. Some even feature gemstones and diamonds. You can equally go for Durga pendants, which features 22k yellow gold.


Buddhist jewelry

It is yet another type of religious jewelry, and Buddhists prefer it. Many of the jewelry feature familiar motifs and some other ones feature inspirational sayings. Good examples of the motifs you can find on them are ying-yang, Buddha and lotus flower. They are available in various forms, like bracelets, rings, mala prayer beads, bracelets, pendants and more.

You can buy them from several outlets at highly affordable rates. Another common example is the sandalwood mala beads. There is always something for everyone. You can either go for the already made ones or ask artisan to make a handmade Buddhist religious jewelry for you. Bear in mind that it is available for both men and women.

There are also Buddhist prayer beads that can be worn around the neck. If you prefer a mediation bracelet or pendant with calligraphy, you will find them in multitude on the market. Some of them are equally made of precious metals.


Christian jewelry

Cross pendant is yet another religious jewelry. It is worn by Christians, and the pendant is in the form of the cross of Jesus Christ. The cross can confer protection on the wearer and wards off evil. It can equally enhance the biofield of the body aside from maintaining a positive energy balance. Additionally, the cross pendant can maintain the good health of the wearer.

The main purpose of Christian pieces of jewelry is to remind them of God and his only begotten Son, Jesus Christ. Also, the Christian jewelry can be presented as a gift on special occasions, including First Communion.

Aside from the Cross pendant, there are several other Christian pieces of jewelry out there. Some other ones are guardian angel pendants, guardian angel pins, medals of the saints and so on. The Christian pieces of jewelry are of different types, and they come with different price tags. Be that as it may, the price does not determine the potency since they all carry the same anointing or power.


Ganesh Lakshmi pendant

This is yet another form of religious jewelry. This jewelry can attract money and is very auspicious. Many businessmen do wear it, and it will bring good fortune their way. Also, the pendant can remove hurdles from the path of the businessman so that he can enjoy the riches of life. It can be used by people involved in all kinds of business and commercial activities. It can bring wisdom, knowledge, happiness, honor, and fame also.

Mangal Sutra

It is made of gold and looks very good to behold. Aside from looking good, it also meets religion purposes. The religious jewelry is fashioned for married women and can display their marital status. It came in the form of a thread and worn around the neck. It is usually tied around the neck of the bride on the wedding day by the groom.

Aside from bearing the name of the bride, the religious jewelry equally has several health benefits. It is known to regulate the wearer’s blood circulation and can equally control the level of blood pressure. The wearer gets all the benefits as the gold touches the body.

You can bring a lot of change to your life by wearing any of the religious jewelry described above.


Muslim jewelry

Muslims also have specific jewelry. In fact, they have endless sets of religious jewelry. Some of them are tasbih prayer beads, jewelry with evil eye motifs, star and crescent charms, Arabic faith message pendants and lots more. This jewelry can be bought online, and they can be delivered to your home.


Jewish jewelry

Also, Jewish jewelry is in various forms. Some of them are Kabbalah pendants, and rings that bear the Star of David, Hamsa necklaces, Chai pendants and several others. There are hundreds of beautiful options that will not only confer spiritual protection on the wearer but will also make the wearer look more presentable since they are designed beautifully. You can get them for as low as $30.



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The above are some of the various religious pieces of jewelry available on the market. The prices vary, as hinted earlier. The price depends on the design, the type and the outlet where you buy the religious jewelry. When buying the religious jewelry, make sure you buy from approved outlets