Satanic Symbols and meanings

Satanic symbols are used in Satanism, which is a group of physiological and ideological beliefs based on the fallen angel, Satan. The worship of Satan use them. They also represent several aspects of this belief. Each of the signs and symbols has its specific representation in the practice of the belief and some of these … Read more

Mesopotamian Religion – Ancient Facts

The land of Mesopotamia is in the Tigris-Euphrates valley. The first cities of the world were formed on this axis, which means civilization began from here. The Sumerian people built the first set of cities here between 4000 and 3500 BC. The belief system of the people equally spread far and wide as their cities … Read more

Aztec Religion

The Aztec religion is one of the most popular Mesopotamian religions, and the Aztecs practice it.  It requires human sacrifices, just like the other Mesopotamian religions.  A large number of religious activities and festivities also accompany the worshipping of the deities in the Aztec religion. The worshippers equally followed the Aztec calendar in worshipping the … Read more


Definition Zoroastrianism is a religion, one of the oldest. According to tradition, it was founded by Zoroaster after he received a vision in which he was introduced to Ahura Mazda, and told of the great God and his adversary. He saw other radiant figures too, but could not see his shadow on the ground, a sign which convince Zoroaster … Read more


  A religious sect of Krudistan known as devil worshipers who reside in the region of Monsul. They refer to themselves as Dasni, but other Kruds give them the name of Yezidi, which is thought to be derived from the Persian Yazdan, meaning “God.” Their religion is presumably a combination of Mazdaism, Islam and Christianity, and their … Read more


Definition The religion of Vodoun as currently practiced bears little resemblance to its ancestral practice. Presently there are an estimated 50 million worshippers worldwide. The central belief of the religion is in spirit possession, through which the gods speak to the devotees only for a short time during the ceremonies. However, the faithful believe that … Read more