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Many Lives, Many Masters – Brian Weiss

A well-known author, Brian Weiss a Psychiatrist who has published several books. He often tells in his books that he was a skeptical doctor in the field of reincarnation, of past lives until an important event in his life took place. A very special patient appeared, Catherine, who made her think about a more open view of these issues, to the point where she began to use regressive therapies in her consultations.

He has written several books that talk about these topics. In Many Lives, many teachers tell their experience with Catherine and how their encounter changed her thinking and with it her belief about reincarnation. Weiss uses hypnosis in her consultations and with Catherine the result is different from the one she is used to seeing, since she goes back to the origin of her ailments, going to other past lives, describing in detail, situations of the times in which she lives. In addition, Catherine will provide information about other beings, the Masters.


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