Phoenix Mythology Story

Phoenix mythology is a myth of Greek origin about a large about a very colorful bird that could prepare its funeral and also get reborn from its ashes. The Phoenix is a birth that is believed to have a relationship with the sun and could live for over a millennium.




Phoenix mythology is a myth that symbolizes renewal, new birth, time, the sun, life in paradise, virginity, Mary, Christ and even the Christian life. Although the Phoenix is not commonly associated with “mainstream” Christianity, its significance to orthodox Christianity cannot be overlooked.



There are many different interpretations of the Phoenix by different cultures. Every culture, however, agrees on the general characteristics of the Phoenix.

Irrespective of the culture, the Phoenix is always a very colorful bird with a combination of the colors obtainable in the fire. The colors that it is most associated with are red, orange, yellow, and gold.

In addition to having a general belief about the physical appearance of this bird, every culture also agrees on the ability of the Phoenix to resurrect.

The Phoenix is believed to be reborn from its death. This is because it experiences rebirth from its ashes.


Spiritual Meaning of the Phoenix

There are quite some myths that are associated with the Phoenix. These various myths are believed by diverse cultures. In as much as they have some similarities, there are still some very pronounced differences.

Of all the myths about the Phoenix, the Arabian phoenix and The Egyptian seem to be the most popular and also the most related.


The Egyptian Phoenix

The myth of the Phoenix was firmly connected to the longings for the immortality of the ancient Egyptians. It is also linked to the existence of a large bird that was known as the Bennu bird.

The Bennu was a unique bird which indicated the beginning of time with its cry.


The Roman Phoenix

Not much is known about the Roman phoenix myth except the fact that the Phoenix was considered a representation of the state of Rome.

The image of the Phoenix was used by the Roman Empire. It symbolized a never-ending life. It was believed that Rome was an eternal city and therefore, the Phoenix would be a perfect symbol for it.


The Arabian Phoenix

The Arabian phoenix myth is believed to be the most popular Phoenix mythology. The Arabian Phoenix was an enormous bird that had a gold-like plumage and also a melodious cry. The myth has it that this birth would sing every morning and the sun god, Apollo would stop and listen.

It is believed that not more than one phoenix existed at one time and that the death of one bird was directly responsible for the birth of another. The process of death and rebirth of the Phoenix usually took between 500 to 10,000 years.



No one is sure of how real the phoenix myth is. However, the fact that it is widespread gives it some credibility.