Pearls in History: Occult Properties and Healing Powers

The occult properties of pearls are recorded in ancient history: the Greeks and Romans wore the gems as amulets and talismans. Pearls, for this reason, were often set on crowns. Rich says, «Pope Adrian anxious to secure all the virtues in his favor, wore an amulet composed of a sunbaked toad, arsenic, tormentil, pearl, coral, hyacinth, smarag, and tragacanth.»

To dream of a pearl, is said to, mean many tears. Other properties are healing quartan ague when boiled in meat, healing ulcers when taken with milk, and for clearing the voice. They soothe and pacify the possessor as the comfort the heart and render him chaste. (see Gem Healing) A.G.H.

Pearls have been revered not just for their beauty but also for their supposed occult properties throughout ancient history. The Greeks and Romans particularly valued pearls, incorporating them into their culture as amulets and talismans. These precious gems were often used in regal accessories, such as crowns, signifying their esteemed status.


Pope Adrian’s Amulet and the Powers of Pearls

One notable historical reference to the mystical value of pearls is found in the account of Pope Adrian. Anxious to harness various virtues, he reportedly wore an amulet composed of diverse elements including a sunbaked toad, arsenic, tormentil, pearl, coral, hyacinth, smarag, and tragacanth. This eclectic combination reflects the belief in the potent magical properties of these materials, especially pearls.


Symbolism and Dream Interpretation

In the realm of dream interpretation, seeing a pearl in a dream is believed to symbolize upcoming sorrows, as it is said to mean many tears. This interpretation ties the pearl to emotional experiences and premonitions.


Healing Properties Attributed to Pearls

Pearls are also credited with various healing properties in ancient texts and folklore. They were thought to be effective in curing quartan ague when boiled in meat. Additionally, their use in combination with milk was believed to heal ulcers. Pearls were also considered beneficial for clearing the voice, suggesting a link between pearls and the improvement of vocal ailments.


Soothing and Pacifying Effects

Beyond physical healing, pearls were believed to have a calming influence on their possessor. They were thought to soothe and pacify the mind, comfort the heart, and promote chastity in those who wore or carried them. This aspect aligns with the broader concept of gem healing, where various stones and gems are used for their metaphysical properties to influence the well-being of individuals.



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