Virgin birth

The virgin birth was believed to be the divine impregnation of a young woman by a god. The virgin mother-to-be deflowered herself be straddling the sacred lingam–the god’s erect penis–so … Read more


A mystery still remains as to the relationship between vibrations and psychic phenomena. Vibrations are recognized as invisible operators within conversations, singing, and music. Such is definitely described in a short … Read more

Transcendental meditation

A system of meditation by which a person can achieve or reach a fourth state of consciousness, or the transcendental consciousness. Transcendental meditation, or TM as it is often referred to, gained a widespread … Read more


An individual in a trance appears to be in a sleeplike condition which is usually accompanied by an indifference to his objective environment and an amnesia to whatever occurs during … Read more


Toga is a garment of clan-ruling matronae in pre-patriarchal Rome. Then the toga became a loose garment made of a single, semicircular piece of undyed wool worn by Roman men over the tunic, … Read more

Thought forms

Nonphysical entities which exist in either the mental or astral plane. Each entity is created from the thought. Every thought is said to generate vibrations in the aura’s mental body, which assume a floating … Read more


Theophagy was the widely spread practice in the ancient world of eating the body of the deity. (see Slain God) In Christianity this practice continues in the consumption of the Eucharist, … Read more


The word teraphim is rendered “images,” “idolatry,” or the like. They are presently thought to have been small images, or household gods. Rachel is said to have stolen her father’s … Read more


Symbolism was a term used by psychical researcher Ernesto Bozzano in relation to “cases in which by subconscious or mediumistic methods, an idea is expressed by hallucinatory perceptions, or ideographic … Read more


Superstition is a term designating beliefs or practices that result from ignorance or a fear of the unknown. These beliefs and activities also may be caused an irrational abject attitude toward … Read more


Succubus usually this designates the medieval Christian concept of a lascivious she-demon, which has been called a variety of names, the most common is Daughter of Lilith. Supposedly such demons (plural … Read more


Spunkie is a goblin similar to the Scottish Kelpie. Spunkie is popularly believed to be an agent of Satan. His special victims are travelers who have completely lost their way. … Read more


In witch lore this is the term meaning the spit of a witch. Witches caused their evil spells or curses to be effective against others by using their own saliva or spit when producing … Read more


Children who pass over (die) at birth, according to mediums in a trance, grow to maturity on the other side. Florence Marryat, in her book There Is No Death (1892), wrote of medium … Read more


Judaism in Hebrew scriptures does not make a clear distinction between soul and body. There is a description of “breathe” or “wind,” ruach, and nephesh, that which locates the animate as opposed to … Read more


The Jewish-Kabbalistic version of Shakti; the female soul of God. The idea was the God could not be complete, whole, until he was united with her. The Kabbalists believed that it was … Read more

Semitic occultism

The general term Semites applies to the ancient divisions of a race of people including the Babylonians, Assyrians, and the Hebrews of Biblical times. The Arabs and Kabbalah include later Semitic occultism. … Read more

Self ancient names

Almost from the beginning of antiquity humankind has been intrigued with survival after death. Much speculation has circulated as to the cause of this ancient fascination, and one thing is … Read more