Pandora’s Box

  Looking Inside Pandora’s Box by Jill Lowy The myth of Pandora’s Box is very fascinating. I think most people are familiar with this unique Greek myth. The name “Pandora” comes from the Greek and means “giver of all”. She was said to be the first woman created by Zeus. She was given unique gifts by … Read more


  A name given to a female vampire or werewolf (see Lycanthropy) in Surinam Negro folk belief. She transforms from human to animal form at night and travels around drinking human blood. According to belief the best way to stop her is by sprinkling grains or seeds about, when seeing them she has a compulsion … Read more


  A mystery still remains as to the relationship between vibrations and psychic phenomena. Vibrations are recognized as invisible operators within conversations, singing, and music. Such is definitely described in a short story about Mrs. Crandon. Walter, a character states,”We walk on the vibrations of your laughingthe control of `Margery’ (Mrs. Crandon).” Walter claimed to get … Read more

The Legendary Vampire

  by James Dilworth In some form or another the Vampire has been a part of most the cultures in the world, but as most people would think, part of ancient legends and lore. The word Vampire itself is derived from the Russian word Vampir, pi being the verb to drink. Put most simply, a … Read more


  Typtology is a method of communication with spirits by means of rapping with various codes being arranged for the purpose. Thus sitters may read the alphabet aloud, or slowly pass a pencil down a printed alphabet, the rappings indicating the correct letters that when joined together form a message or answer to the question … Read more