Wigi Board Game

  The Wigi Board or Ouija Board as it is more familiarly known has been used by many for fun. This mystical board game has been known to leave users in shock. There are many who believe this board to be very dangerous. Some say it brings demons into your life. This board game that has a … Read more

Telepathy Best Books

Best Books on Telepathy The word telepathy finds its origin from a Greek word that can be broken down into 2: tele means distant and apathe means feeling. It is basically a form of communication in which one person can read or know others feeling. It is done without the involvement of any known physical … Read more

Visualization Training

  Visualization is creating pictures in the mind. It is the conscious production of mental imagery. Psychology and religion have long recognized this process as an effective means for shaping skills and talents, alleviating pain and illness, and activating one’s spirituality. Images – the building blocks of visualization – spring from deep within us. Possessing … Read more


data, techniques, exercises, positive Definition, Meaning Visualization, or creative visualization as it is sometimes referred to, is the use of mental imagery to obtain an objective. A vivid mental picture of the desired thing is held firmly fixed in the mind as if it had already happened. The technique has been widely employed in many … Read more

Through the Tunnel

  Martin Brofman, Ph.D. I was at the Episcopal Hospital in Philadelphia. I had just been told that I had a “blockage” in my spinal cord, from the fourth to the seventh cervical vertebrae at the level of the neck, that had been responsible for the symptoms I had been experiencing. My right arm was paralyzed, … Read more

The Skinny on Astral Cords

  (BIO: Dana Cribari lives in Durango, Colorado with her two cats Winston and Celia. She is an author, speaker and intuitive channeling reader (a.k.a. psychic reader). Her practice is based upon providing practical psychic tools for others. She can be reached at www.thepurplephoenix.com or 970-375-1708.) Notes and References: There is little written I could find … Read more