Ozark Witchcraft folklore


The following article contains occurrences that occurred in Ozark folklore concerning witchcraft and witches in the Ozark region of the United States:

In the Ozarks women that complained of food being too salty are suspected of being witches. A method of detecting a witch, according to Ozark legend, is to sprinkle salt on the seat of a chair. When a woman sits in the chair, if she is a witch, the salt will melt and cause her dress to stick to the chair.

In the Ozarks, a witch ball is made of black hair rolled with beeswax into a ball the size of a marble. It is employed in curses. When a witch wishes to harm somebody, she makes the ball and throws it at the person. In folklore of the Ozarks, supposedly when someone is killed by a witch, a witch ball is always found close by the body. A.G.H.

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