What distinguishes fate, karma, life plan and free will?

Fate and karma are often called the same. However, there are significant differences here. Fate is set. This means that the event occurs without the person being able to change anything. Fate is like a letter. A thing or event is sent to you like a letter. The content of the letter cannot be changed, … Read more


In African Mythology Wamara is a god worshipped by the Bahimas of the Baziba tribes. Wamara, whose mother is Nyante-the pre-existing universe-and father is unknown, had four sons to whom he distributed different divisions of reality: Kagoro, mythical hero; Mugasha, god of water; Kazoba, god of the sun and moon, whose son Hangi supported the … Read more


Like many peoples the Africans composed myths describing natural phenomena and their origins. The following is an example of an african mythology myth. At first the world was never dark or cold. The sun shone by day and the moon by night. Then God called the Bat and asked jim to take a covered basket … Read more


The Mayon (also the black one) early Davidian (Tamil) (southern India and Sir Lanka) is a creator god. It is an animalistic high god of the pastoral regions. In african mythology, he is mentioned in Sangam literature stories and is thought to live in trees. Perhaps equated with Vishnu or Krishna. A.G.H. Source: Jordan, Michael, Encyclopedia of Gods, New … Read more

The Rainbow Monster

The rainbow monster in African mythology myths and stories is a terrible animal that lives in water and comes out under the cover of darkness to devour other animals and even people. One such monster lived in the Lake Naivasha and it swallowed many Masai cattle before many young men managed to catch it and … Read more

TseTse Bumba

The creator Tsetse Bumba created nine creatures and then man. It is also known as TseTse in African mythology myths and stories. He ordered each to observe particular taboos, but one creature, Tsetse Bumba, refused to. Bumba therefore expelled her from earth. She sought refuge in the sky, where she has lived ever since, but … Read more