Open PDF File online

You can open a PDF file:

  • With and online PDF opener like a browser or a specific Website.
  • In Windows and MAC with your default PDF reader software like adobe acrobat,  the default app or your default pdf viewer.
  • Converting  to a DOC format and using a program editor.


  • File Extension: .PDF
  • Description: Portable Document format file
  • File Type: Document files
  • Mime type: application/pdfapplication/x-bzpdfapplication/x-gzpdf


What is a PDF File

PDF stands for portable document formats. A PDF file is a standard electronic document file format developed by adobe systems and created to make easy to print, present, exchange and share documents online.

Types of PDF content: A file with the PDF format can contain text, links, audio, forms, images, buttons and business logic.

You can sign electronically the documents and you can password protect these files to make them secure. It is also the main format used when users scan paper documents. It uses OCR technology to read and modify an scanned paper document.

There are many things you can do with a PDF, these are the main one:

  • View and read: You can find online many viewers and pdf readers, some are 100% free, others are free trials and others are commercial paid PDF software. They can read pdfs.
  • Create: With Adobe Acrobat you can create PDFs from scratch or from a scanned paper.  PDF forms, even a fillable pdf form like a pdf application form.
  • Edit PDF: There are many programs, PDF editors that can edit, view and modify and existing PDF.
  • Convert: The PDF format can be converted to many different formats. You can convert pdfs to the most common formats DOC, JPG, XLS, TXT. You can use an online converter like Zamzar or convertio to do it.
  • Merge: Sometimes you have two or more PDF documents that you may want to merge. You can do it online with smallpdf or ilovepdf
  • Sign: You may want to sign a file adding an electronic signature. You can do a digital signature with adobe acrobat or smallpdf.
  • Password protect: To protect your portable documents from copy or edit you can protect them with a password. You can use smallpdf or adobe acrobat reader to open password protected pdf.
  • Download: It is an easy shareable format that you can download from many sources online. Be careful as there can be some untrusted sources. Always check with an antivirus before opening an unknown file.
  • Delete: If you don’t need a PDF you can delete it safely.
  • Send: Users can sent pdfs in file attachments.


How to open PDF files

Although there many readers and viewers available the main one and the original is Adobe reader.

You can follow the steps below to open a pdf with specific programs:

  1. Find a PDF reader and double click on it to Run on your computer.
  2. Check the toolbar and click on Open. Or you can click on File and navigate to the Open option.
  3. The program will display the file.
  4. You can then save it on your computer after opening.

We will see some software. You can view your portable document format files in Windows, MAC, ios and Android device. But you can also use a web browser like mozilla firefox, edge, opera, safari, internet explorer or chrome pdf viewer extension to view your files.

Most of them work as a pdf viewer. Also a chrome extension or Google Drive are a good options to display your file.


List of Programs that Open PDF Files

Some of these pdf applications, files readers, free pdf viewers, openers and converters are downloadable. With others you can open pdf file online. They can help you viewing, edit, convert and view your files for free.

You can download these pdf apps for free on the download Link.

free pdf reader for WindowsPriceViewerpdf EditorConverterFree Download 
Adobe AcrobatFree (personal use)Yespaid versionpaid version
Google DocsFreeYesNoYes
nitro readerPaid (Free trial)YesYesYes


Adobe Acrobat

Free view for personal use.


Gimp is an image editor. Free view, edit and conversion.


Free view, edit and conversion.

Apache OpenOffice

Free view, edit and conversion.


Google Docs

Google docs is an online reader. It is a good alternative to view your pdfs online without acrobat reader or downloading any program.



You can try this online free viewer for your files. This pdf website is very easy to use. It is a paid online software.

  1. Go to the URL: 
  2. Drag your file and upload it.
  3. View your file online.



Another online pdf viewer for your files. This website is free to use. There is also a paid version for a small fee.

  1. Go to the URL
  2. Click on upload to PDF escape.
  3. View it.



The Sodapdf web is another pdf viewer to view your file or portable document files formats on the internet.

  1. Go to the website
  2. Click on choose your file and upload it.
  3. View it.

It also has a chrome extension.



Paint is an editor that can view this format if you convert it first to an image format compatible with paint.


Microsoft excel

You can use the insert object option in excel to opening a pdf file. Create a blank excel, insert object type adobe acrobat document.



Adobe Acrobat Reader dc


If you want to view a pdf from your Android smartphone operating system device, you can use a PDF reader and file viewer like Adobe Acrobat Reader dc.

The adobe reader is a free trial pdf opener. And acrobat dc can also be downloaded on your Windows 10 OS, versions 7 and older. Adobe Reader allows you to open, view files, append your signature, annotate, and print documents with seamless ease.

If you already have the Adobe Reader installed on your Android or Windows OS, you can view your file as follows;

  1. First, go to the file menu : “File”
  2. Secondly, scroll to : “My Computer” and then “Browse files”
  3. Thirdly : Select your .PDF and then double-click on “Open” to view and work on the file.
  4. If you have a license you will be able to save the files. Just look for the save as option and write a file name.

It is a good idea to make adobe reader your default program as it is the original and the best pdf reader for these files.


Google Chrome browser

 You can also open pdf on Chrome on your Windows PC. Chrome can be used like a reader and here’s how it’s done.

  1. First of all, select the file and then right-click on it.
  2. Secondly, click on “Open With”.
  3. Thirdly, click on “Browse” which is a button located below at the right-hand corner.
  4. Fourthly, browse and locate the Google Chrome installation folder on your Windows PC.
  5. To locate the installation folder, you can get on the Chrome shortcut and right-click on it. Next, go to “Properties” then “Shortcut”.
  6. The location of the folder will be seen in a Target box. Copy and then paste the entire path.

Another alternative is the use of a plugin. There are some in the chrome webstore like this one.

Microsoft Word

You can read a pdf file with microsoft word:

  1. Launch Microsoft word
  2. Go to the menu option File – Open
  3. Find the .pdf with the browse option.
  4. Click on it to confirm.
  5. Word is going to convert the original file to a word format.


Nitro reader

An online pdf reader and viewer paid software with a trial version for viewing pdfs.


Foxit reader

Another reader and viewer from foxit software with a free trial available to open pdfs.



There are two simple ways that you can run the PDF documents on your MAC PC. The first is in preview mode while the second is via Safari. Both methods involve the use of pre-installed applications on MAC.


To view and open PDF document on Preview mode;

  1. Start with right clicking your files.
  2. Next, select the “Open With” option from the drop-down menu.
  3. Click on “Preview” to open files.


If you want to use Safari to view PDF documents on your MAC PC follow these instructions;

  1. You should first select your files by right clicking on it.
  2. A drop-down menu will appear, choose “Open With”.
  3. Select “Safari” from the options provided under the “Open With” selection and you will be able to view your PDF files from Safari.


There are still other ways by which you can open your PDF on Windows, Google Chrome, Android, and MAC. However, the methods provided in this article are the simplest available and should get you viewing and working on your documents right away. So learn these methods and use them.

Adobe Acrobat reader also support formats _pdf, pdf’, pdf_ and pdf_1


Why I am unable to open a pdf

Why is my PDF not opening?

There are many reasons that can cause problems when opening pdf documents in windows 10 or above:

  • The PDF reader is not updated. You should download the last version or update existing one.
  • Registry errors. Run a windows diagnostic program to repair the registry.
  • Maybe it is corrupted. Try downloading or getting it again.
  • Some malware or virus problems. Run your antivirus before trying to open again.
  • Your software don’t work anymore:
    • Try to get and download another PDF software from the above list.
    • Then right click on the PDF and in the open with dialog choose new program and select your new software.
  • Still Unable? Try some of the available PDF online viewers. We have some examples above.




How to Convert a PDF to Word?

Yes, you can convert PDF to word with a converter. Check the online converter options we propose at the end of the article.


How to Convert Word to PDF?

Yes, you can convert word to PDF with Microsoft Word.


How to create PDF

You can create it with a PDF writer program like Adobe Acrobat. You will need a trial license or a full paid license.


How to create a link to open PDF

You can create a link with Adobe Acrobat. Follow these instructions:


What are the best Web based free PDF converters?

  • Zamzar: An online free converter.


  • SmallPDF: Free 14 days trial online conversion to other formats and vice versa. You can also open a password protected pdf file with the unlock option in SmallPDF.



where are my pdf files

You can find them writing in your windows taskbar the following: *.pdf or typing *.pdf in your windows file explorer search field.

how to open corrupted pdf file

You have to repair the document before opening. There are many online tools that will help you repair your documents like ilovepdf and recoverytoolbox.

how do i get a pdf to open automatically?

You have to associate a default for pdf files program that always run with a pdf file manager to automatically open pdf files using it. In the openwith dialog after click on your PDF file select the option Always use this app to open .pdf files

why can’t i open pdf files on my android phone

You need an specific program like the adobe PDF reader app to read pdf files in your smartphone. You can also use Chrome, Mozilla and Opera apps.