How to open a PAGES File Free in Windows PC


What is a PAGES file

It can be a bit baffling if you come across a .pages file, especially if you are comfortable using computer hardware other than that built by Apple, such as; Windows PC. This is because PAGES are documents that are exclusively created for and by Apple computer or Apple owned mobile devices like macOS PC, iPad, MacBook, iPhone, and so on.

Typically, it is a proprietary page layout and word processor software application that is used to create a PAGE file on iOS mobile or macOS Apple computer devices. This program can help users to save a variety of multiple-page document formats.

Some of these multi-paged documents include; brochures, newsletters, posters, reports, book certificates, and resumés which are either created from a pre-programmed template or right from scratch.

With most PAGES format, you ordinarily have documents that consist of the formatting data for the different pages that make up the files, as well as text-based content. However, there are also .pages documents that contain information in other formats, such as; charts, tables, images, and graphs.

So, unless you own and use macOS or iOS devices, you are less than likely to come into contact with PAGES documents except maybe the PAGES document is sent to you via email by someone who created the PAGES document using their Apple device.

Apple Pages document may be a conventional PAGES app that comes with most Apple built devices, but this software application is not the only program that can create and open PAGES format.

PAGES format tips

This post highlights those programs that can open .pages files while also providing you with tips on converting PAGES to other formats like PDF and DOCX. But first, here are five (5) things you should know about it.


#1. PAGES Documents can be Exported: You can export .pages documents if you want to. They can be exported to widely used/popular document viewing and editing formats. These include; .DOC, .DOCX, .EPUB, and .PDF.

#2. PAGES documents can be Uploaded to iCloud: In a situation where you are unable to open and view .pages documents, the PAGES file can be uploaded, viewed and edited using the Pages app version on your iCloud online account. With your iCloud, you can even download the .pages document to your PC and in different formats like PDF, EPUB or DOCX.

#3. You can Extract them Using a ZIP utility: Storage is normally in .ZIP. It is also possible for you to use a ZIP utility to extract .pages and view their content. So, if you are using a Windows PC and you want to have access to .pages , then using a decompression ZIP utility is quite helpful.

#4. They can be Previewed in PDF: While you can extract image documents like .JPG from .pages files, you can also preview the document contents in PDF format.

#5. You can view contents manually: If you want to view contents in .pages file, here are three (3) steps you need to take;

  • The PAGES file extension should be renamed to .zip.
  • Use a decompression ZIP utility like Apple Archive Utility, Corel WinZip or Microsoft File Explorer to extract the ZIP file.
  • The files that are extracted would normally have a ‘QuickLook’ folder, click this folder and open a .jpg file named ‘Thumbnail.jpg’ to preview the document’s first page. A ‘Preview.pdf’ file may be present within the ‘QuickLook’ folder, this PDF file would enable you to preview all the pages in the .pages document.



 List of Programs that can Open .pages Files


The programs that can open this format are created for Mac, the Web and for iOS mobile devices. For Mac and iOS devices, the free programs that will open PAGES documents are ‘Apple Pages’ and ‘Apple Preview’.

There are also free programs that can open it online on the Web, two of these free web programs include; ‘Apple iCloud’ and ‘Zamzar’.



Apple Pages

As mentioned earlier, it is designed and built for Mac and iOS Apple devices. This program functions as a word processor in the same way as Windows Microsoft Word.

Pages is used to create a number of different types of documents which are then automatically saved as .pages files. It can also convert it to a number of formats, such as; EPUB, PDF, and DOCX.

If you own a Mac then you will be able to access PAGES files from the iWork Office Suite. Apart from ‘Apple Pages’ which is a word processor used in composing documents in the same way as Microsoft Word, there are also other programs in the iWork Office Suite.

These other programs include; ‘Keynote’ which is a program similar to Microsoft PowerPoint and ‘Numbers’ which is the Apple equivalent of Microsoft Excel program from Microsoft Office for those that own and use a Windows OS PC.

Apart from .DOCX, .PDF, and .EPUB, it also supports a number of other file extensions and formats. Some of these other file types include; the ClarisWorks Document (.CWK), Portable Network Graphic (.PNG), Rich Text Format File (.RTF), Plain Text File (.TXT), and Rich Text Format Directory File (.RTF).

With ‘it, you have templates that have a neat, dynamic and professional appearance. You can also iCloud (the Web program) to synchronize PAGES files across different devices.

 On iOS mobile devices, such as; iPad, iPhone, and MacBook, the default application will enable you to modify documents including adding text, charts, media, tables, and shapes.

This software application comes with different design templates that you can choose from. With your iOS ‘Apple Pages’, you can either view your previous alterations made to .pages documents or you can restore any changes made in the past if you want to. Also, through the use of iCloud, you can synchronize the ‘Pages’ on different Mac PC and iOS devices.


Apple Preview

‘Apple Preview’ is another Mac and iOS program that can open PAGES files. This program will enable you to view both documents and images on your Mac OS PC. ‘Apple Preview’ will open .BMP, .PNG, and .JPG image file formats including documents like .PPT, .FAX, and .PDF.

‘Apple Preview’ is a default application that can also enable you to also edit images and text-based content. With Apple’s Core Image processing tech, you will be able to annotate documents and images on ‘Apple Preview’.

In addition, with ‘Apple Preview’ you can design, edit and also encrypt files in PDF format. You can even extract individual pages out of multiple paged documents in PDF format.


Online Free Web Programs 


Apple iCloud

‘Apple iCloud’ is an online program that enables you to open PAGES files on the Web. You will need to access your personal iCloud online account in order to use this application from your iOS or Mac device.


With ‘Apple iCloud’, you can view, edit, modify, and convert .pages to other formats like EPUB, PDF, and DOCX amongst others. ‘Apple iCloud’ is also a free-to-use web application.




 Zamzar is a web application and file converter that can open .pages files online. You do not need to download any software. All you do is select the PAGES file. Then choose the format you intend converting the .pages file to and you are good to-go.

Zamzar will convert a PAGES file quickly and there are more than 1,200 different conversion formats available. There is also online support to help you in deciding on which format would be ideally suited to your needs.


Google Docs

Google docs is another free alternative to view pages files in Windows online.


Converting .pages Files to Other Popular Formats

Though you can open a .pages file using your Mac OS PC and iOS mobile devices, you can also convert .pages to other popular formats like EPUB, PDF, and DOCX using these devices.

However, where you are not able to use iOS or Mac PC devices, you will still be able to convert a .pages file to a variety of other popular formats with the use of the online version of  Pages which is available on iCloud.

As mentioned before, you would need an Apple iCloud account and ID before you are able to convert PAGES documents on other document formats.

When you login to your iCloud account on by providing your personalized Apple ID and password, you can open the files using the iCloud PAGES utility.

As you open the online application, click on a wrench icon located in the Web program. Next, choose the ‘Download a copy’ option then select whatever format you desire to convert the .pages documents to and this can be PDF, EPUB, DOCX and so on.


In Conclusion

 PAGES files are designed for use on iOS and Mac devices. You can view, edit or convert these files either on your Mac PC using programs like ‘Apple Pages’ or ‘Apple Preview’.

You can also use the Web to view and edit .pages documents in windows when you use ‘Zamzar’ or the ‘iCloud’ version of ‘Pages’. If you are using another device like a Windows PC, you can still view a .page file sent to you via email for example. This can be done by converting the PAGES documents to the format that you desire