How to Open CRDownload File free on Windows with an Online Opener

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I have recently been overwhelmed with messages from a lot of people wanting to know what a CRDOWNLOAD file extension is and how to open it.

So in this post I will not just explain what are CRDOWNLOAD. I will also write about how to watch CRDOWNLOAD files and how they can be opened in Windows 10 and older versions. But I will also answer the question of whether you can convert CRDOWNLOAD files or not.

So, without further ado…


What is a CRDOWNLOAD File?

Web browsers like Chromium, Microsoft Edge, and Google Chrome are capable of creating file extensions to indicate something. The CRDOWNLOAD is one of those temporary or partial file extensions that web browsers create. CRDOWNLOAD suggests that something being downloaded from the Internet has not been completely or successfully downloaded.

This is why another name for CRDOWNLOAD files is ‘Chrome Partial Download files’ to indicate their incomplete nature.

Whenever you have an incomplete download on your Google Chrome  browser for example, the browser stores the file crdownload content in the downloads folder. And it is indicated as incomplete with the .crdownload extension. With this incomplete process, you can resume the download process or cancel it.

The download of files from the Internet may not download completely as a result of several reasons. It could be that you paused the download, your Internet connection was lost at the time of the download or your device has limited memory space.

Whatever the reason may be, the browser used will save the content. And mark it as incomplete with a .crdownload extension.

Once you continue downloading – get back Internet connection or free up memory space – the download will proceed and the .crdownload extension will be removed as soon as the download has been successfully completed.

Another fine example of a CRDOWNLOAD is a .PART file which is the partial file extension version of Mozilla Firefox browser and what it uses to indicate an incomplete file download.


How to Open CRDOWNLOAD File in Windows 

The first thing is that you cannot open CRDOWNLOAD files using a typical software application or program on your device.

CRDOWNLOAD files are not software applications, but apps explained earlier, they appreciate incomplete or partially downloaded files. Your browser simply creates the file extension as a pointer to the fact that a file is not yet completely downloaded.

Nevertheless, it is still possible for you to make use of downloaded file content despite it being marked up as a .crdownload file extension by your Google Chrome web browser.

All you need to do is to remove the «CRDOWNLOAD» indicated in the partially downloaded file name. Let’s assume you were downloading a video file and the download was incomplete. You can still play the downloaded file by removing the (.crdownload) file name.

Here’s an example:

  1. Google Chrome marks your movie file download as – moviefile.vlc.crdownload due to a partial download.
  2. You still want to play the files that were downloaded, so you rename the file as moviefile.vlc.
  3. With the file renamed as moviefile.vlc, you will be able to open and play the part of the movie file that was downloaded on your device.
  4. After renaming it, you can play that part on your VLC media player for example. Do it by dragging and dropping the CRDOWNLOAD into the open file section of the VLC app.

However, note that you can only open video or music files this way. It is because they have several portions that are downloaded. And even though a music or video file is not completely downloaded,  Your device will have some portions of it.

You can rename these downloaded portions and open them on media players. But in the case of archives, documents, image files and so on, opening the downloaded portions of these types of files by renaming them will fail more often than not. You can also use online converters to convert to PDF like pdffiller.

This is also valid for MAC and Android.


Can you Convert CRDOWNLOAD Files?


Well, the quick-fire answer to this question is:

  • You cannot convert documents, image files, archives and so on with a CRDOWNLOAD extension.

But if you rename a movie or music file that was partially downloaded, you may be able to convert the downloaded portion. You may use a file converter to convert the AVI file to another file format.

However, once you have successfully downloaded a file with the .crdownload file extension removed, you will be able to convert it to another format using an online file converter like online convert.

You can do this in Windows, MAC and android also.


Important Notes


  • When a file is being downloaded, your Google Chrome browser will not include .crdownload file extension to the name. It would only do this when the file is partially downloaded to your device.
  • Your CRDOWNLOAD is saved by the web browser and the download will continue from where it was interrupted. CRDOWNLOAD actually saves you valuable time and money on Internet connectio. Downloads will not start afresh, but proceed from the last point of download.
  • If you try to delete any CRDOWNLOAD file from your device, you will get a message that states
    •  «The action can’t be completed because this file is open in Google chrome.»
    • This is great as a third party cannot accidentally delete the file from your device while it is still being processed for download by your Chrome.
    • But you can cancel the download directly from the browser. Do it if you are no longer interested in the browser continuing the download.
  • Whenever a download is cancelled on a browser, you cannot use any part of it. The entire file including those that were previously saved to your device during a partial download will be completely removed.
  • Having so many files with a .crdownload extension could mean that the version of your Google Chrome browser may have a bug and could need updating. Try to update whatever web browser you have on your device to the latest available version.
  • When the download is complete the browser will delete the chrome crdownload partially downloaded file .


In Closing

So, there it is, hopefully you now know what a CRDOWNLOAD is. And how to open crdownload file movie or music files. Note that CRDOWNLOAD are not malware or viruses. So you really don’t have to worry if you have one on your device.

If you have any more questions about CRDOWNLOAD files, please feel free to drop your enquiries in the comment box below.