Open CDR File Free in Windows


To open and manage CDR files, various methods and tools are available:

  • Use CorelDRAW: CorelDRAW is the primary software for CDR files. Double-clicking a CDR file with CorelDRAW installed will open it.
  • Free/Open-Source Alternatives: Inkscape and LibreOffice Draw are popular free alternatives that can open and edit CDR files.
  • Cloud-based CDR Viewer: Services like Google Drive, Dropbox, and Box offer web-based CDR viewers. Upload the CDR file and open it directly from the service’s interface.
  • Use a Virtual Machine: For computers without CorelDRAW, use a virtual machine like VirtualBox or VMware Player to install and open CDR files.
  • Web-based CDR Converter: To convert CDR files to formats like SVG, PNG, or JPEG, use online converters like Zamzar or Convertio.
  • Command-line Tools: For those comfortable with the command line, tools like CdrExtract and Cdr2svg can manipulate CDR files.


Additional Tips:

  • File Validity: Ensure the CDR file is valid and uncorrupted to avoid opening issues.
  • Software Compatibility: Choose software that supports the specific features of your CDR file.
  • Safe File Storage: After conversion, save the new file to a secure location on your computer or device.

open cdr file

.CDR format features

  • File Extension: CDR
  • Description: Corel Draw
  • File Type: Corel Draw vector drawing file

cdr file


What is a CDR file?

A CDR file is a Corel Draw Vector drawing format. As its name implies, this file is used by Corel Draw, which is a popular program used for graphic drawing. The files can be opened by other packages like Adobe illustrator 9 and Corel Paint Shop Pro.

CDR files contain a document containing effects, colors, images, shapes, lines and text. The file is used for creating different types of documents like web banners, web pages, postcards, envelops, tabloids, brochures and letters.

These files are the main form of formats from CorelDRAW. That CDR extension on your computer is most probably a drawing created by CorelDRAW.

The file was developed by Corel Corporation and it is the default format for all CorelDRAW applications.

We are going to discuss various things about the CDR extension format which could be very much helpful for you to understand more about it.


How to open CDR files

In Windows

Follow the steps below about how to open a CDR file new.

  1. Create a new document by launching CorelDRAW on your computer and selecting New Document.
  2. Select the CDR files by clicking on File to open Import.
  3. Then click on Import.
  4. Position the image on the Canvas by selecting where you want the image to be using the cursor.
  5. Then drag the image to the canvas.
  6. Edit the CDR.
  7. Save the file to your preferred location on your computer.


There are two main CDR types:

Macintosh DVD/CD Main

This format is created with MACOS Disk utility tool.

You can use the diskimagemounter application, HFSExplorer or MAC disk utility tool

Raw Audio CD Data Files

You can open CDR (raw audio CD data files) in MAC with iTunes.


Software that open CDR files


You can try the following programs if you want to view a file with cdr extension.


CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2020

corel draw graphics suite

CorelDRAW Graphics Suite is a graphics and design solution. It is versatile and allows easy expression of creative ideas and thoughts

  • It gives the end-user complete freedom of expression.
  • Also, it is equally compatible with different types of files.



Price: Free trial / 600$


But, you can also do it without coreldraw. We will see some alternatives below: in ilustrator and others (if you don’t have corel or adobe illustrator).


ST Thumbnails Explorer

st thumbnails explorer

ST Thumbnails Explorer is a paid program designed for editing images and photos. It is affordable and highly comprehensive.

  • It eases the process of photo manipulation.
  • The user interface is easy.



Price: Free trial


Adobe Illustrator CC

adobe ilustrator cc

Adobe Illustrator CC is a vector graphics editor. It is also very popular and comes with the most updated features.

  • It gives end-users better control.
  • Also, It is compatible with Windows XP and Windows 7.

To open a CDR file in Illustrator just launch the program, in the file menu select the .cdr to import and wait for it to load.

Another option is to launch your Corel Draw software and export the .cdr as an adobe illustrator type.


Price: Free trial / 20,99$/month


Other programs to view cdr files

Some other programs for opening without coreldraw in windows are below:

  • Corel WordPerfect Office X6: creator, viewer and editor.
  • ACD Systems Canvas 14: creator, viewer and editor.
  • Inkscape: creator, viewer and editor.
  • sK1: creator, viewer and editor.
  • ideaMK CDR Viewer: creator, viewer and editor.
  • UniConvertor: creator, viewer and editor.
  • Photoshop: You can view and import a cdr in Photoshop if you convert it first to PSD using an online converter like zamzar or convertio.
  • For android you can use the android app cdr file viewer that you can download in the google play store.
  • For MAC: you can download a freeware mac app from the apple store
  • For ubuntu: you can use the ubuntu application inkscape



You can view and print a cdr online with Aspose. Aspose is free to use.

Aspose is a website that let you view and print images with the cdr format.


  1. Go to
  2. Drop, upload or write the URL of your corel draw format file
  3. Confirm and wait for the website to load it completely.


Do you have Problems opening CDR files?

Try the following:

  • If the file with the cdr extension is corrupted, you can download a different entirely.
  • If the system crashes or hangs, you may need to get another copy.
  • Choose another program to open the file with cdr suffix.
  • Use the right version of CorelDRAW to open the file in case the file as created with a version of this program that is not accessible anymore.


How to convert CDR to another format

The best way to open a cdr file online is to use an online converter to convert the file to PDF with zamzar or convertio.


You can convert cdr to other image file formats like PDF, JPG, AI and PNG using an online converter. You can use Zamzar to convert cdr online. It is very easy to use, upload your file or write the URL and let the website do all the work.


Also you can convert to PSD file format in convertio