The Best 6 Online Learning Platforms – Top List and Comparison Free

The Online Learning Systems

Training and education are now high on online learning platforms. They are either packages by third-party providers or supplies as in-house. Both free and paid courses. 

The Learning Management Systems are many in numbers and it is increasing. Not only are they increasing in numbers, but they are also offering the top reach, high quality, and value courses featuring multiple options to the companies and trainers to train the staff and also train individuals wishing to promote their skills.

For learning, the trainer and the trainee should enjoy the ease of use. There are built-in features and many platforms, including communications for analytics and messaging for data on engagement and viewing rates.

AI use is also increasing as an online learning feature. The advantage obvious here is that the students can jump to seminars and presentations matching actual skill levels.


Online Platforms

The online learning platforms are the ideal choices for educational establishments and businesses. They can retain direct face-to-face training and it is cost savings, as well. 

Whether you wish to top your knowledge or learn a new skill completely, the online courses are ready to help. There are plenty of choices that may be challenging to figure out the platform that is the best for you. You can also upgrade your employer’s skill or even freelancers, and you can elevate your knowledge choosing the best learning platform style.

Here is a way to assist you in the navigation of the online learning platform and to expand the online education world. Here we have the most popular and best online learning platforms list and comparison to upgrade your skills.


The Best Online Learning Plaftorms comparison list



Udemy is a prominent name in the online learning platform. The first in this list and comparison. It is well-recognized and boasts of having more than 24 million students. It has over 65,000 available courses and two plan options, Team and Enterprise. The first plan is the Team Plan to provide basics for 5-20 users and the cost is $240. While the second plan is an Enterprise plan that has additional features such that it has SSO (Single Sign-On), high-level analytics, and various APIs, these plans are available for free demo or trial.



  • Tools to monitor user behavior
  • Courses in large numbers
  • A thriving community for businesses, teachers, and students
  • Useful for businesses


Organizations considering using the service for a particular time and period may find Udemy for Business accounts useful. It has relevant courses for business designed in specific areas. There are over 2500 courses to up-skill your employees. 

Udemy has 35,000 instructors and signing up with Udemy means to be a premium instructor. Upon receiving approval, you can start creating your courses effortlessly. 

Another benefit of Udemy is that you can promote your class easily within their platform. Use the marketing features in the site-wide discounts, get enrolled in their marketing emails, or participate in their affiliate program that offers tiered commission rates.

Udemy appears to be expensive. The costs vary for different courses and the Udemy courses are $100 and upwards. 



  • You get a large user base. 
  • Udemy instructors get 100% revenue for new users and 50% for existing users. 
  • A substantial commission on sales is possible using the platform.
  • Udemy has reliable technology and offers 24/7 free support.



  • Intense competition among other users. 
  • The instructors here are controlled on the Udemy website. Stiff competition.
  • Lenient return policies that within 30 days a course can be completed and they earn the refund guaranteed, decreasing the sales.




The next in the list is Docebo.

Docebo is an online learning platform allowing you to track, organize, and distribute the formal learning online courses within your clients, employees, or customers. It offers teaching solutions as a one-way broadcast. Docebo promotes collaboration as it allows employees to ask queries on relevant subjects and the answers are given. 



  • Interaction among students
  • Easy to use
  • Fully customizable
  • Collaborative learning


As it offers collaborative learning in Docebo, peers get to share their knowledge through peer-review and it can be validated and shared across teams.


The administrators in this platform manage effectively the skill and competency apps that you can assign informal and formal training sessions to people who wish to upskill in specific areas. It is customizable and allows getting to know the appropriate feel and look towards the subject.

Docebo sports an easy-to-use UI and it comes with a range of third-party integrations that implementing the platform with training schemes is a smooth process.  Docebo provides its users with a host of benefits. The LMS is designed to meet the customers evolving needs from the e-learning projects.


  • ILT- effective classroom features used as a training method. It is easy to manage or develop your own courses. Organizing locations, classrooms, assessments, and enrolments are simple.
  • Uploading and converting files is easy. Sharing training materials in different formats makes it comfortable. It also transforms video files into the MP4 format.
  • Flexible settings, modern graphic design, affordable pricing, professional support, and easy system administration.



  • A richer API is lacking hindering the objects.
  • Features could be more for the standard package.
  • Lack of more medium-size business features may help vendors in boosting their effectiveness.





Skillshare is mainly for creators as the online community. It facilitates anyone wishing to teach by setting up a class. There are 21,000 of the typically teaching as they specialize in business, writing, design, film, technology, and photography.  Over 3 million people are offering the chance of connecting through the Skillshare community and offering share insights from various industries that it is highly valuable for people working in the same niche, and even for freelancers.



  • The classes promoted doing and not mere reading
  • Focuses on creativity as a learning community
  • Niche skills are covered but have no accredited courses


This platform promotes ‘doing’ than passive learning.  

Skillshare is useful for teams, as well.  The reporting tools enable tracking the team member’s progress. The price plans start based on the users each year at $99 or £75. There are discounts available on signing up employees in large numbers.

Skillshare is focused on creative education and the topics range from graphic design to fine art, music production, and cooking. There are classes on technical topics such as analytics, data science, and eCommerce. There are over 4 million students and over $5million is paid to teachers.

Skillshare is a community place to acquire new skills. Each class is broken down to 20-60 minutes. They offer different subjects and there are video-based courses and in-person workshops in cities such as New York and San Francisco. There is an open discussion for creative topics and this benefits the students as they get to share their work progress and receive feedback.



  • There is a large user base of entrepreneurs and creators that you can get good guidance and creative audience.
  • Lessons on email marketing, web design, painting, photography, and other creative topics are highly popular.
  • Skillshare prides itself as it offers reliable quality classes and professional courses.



  • Each month 30 to 50% of the subscription revenue towards Skillshare’s premium goes towards the teacher’s royalty pool.
  • The royalty pool for new instructors is difficult
  • Only email support is offered




WizIQ focuses on the teachers squarely than the students. It provides virtual classrooms and software to teach and also to train others. The WizIQ helps in creating and selling interactive courses by providing materials in the live classes and they can study at their own pace. The advantage is that it can be transformed into massive open online courses so that the student enrolment is maximized around the world and it facilitates growing streams of revenue. 



  • Helps to reach a mass audience
  • Good features of customization
  • Bring lessons of the world 
  • Mobile version available


WizIQ is within an organization. The users can create portals to train partners, clients, employees, and customers through live classes or online tutorials. The classes may be enjoyed on the go conveniently through the WizIQ on Android and iOS devices.

WizIQ displays pricing on different tiers; however, it is opaque that you can get a quote by contacting their sales team. The virtual classroom provides a solution to institutes, tutors, and organizations. They deliver live classes. It is easy to use, offers the liberty to access the courses from their device or any location. Businesses get to launch custom-branded training or learning portal with features such as course builder, virtual classroom, assessment builder, and tests. 



  • The flash version virtual classroom platform is smooth and also the WebRTC classroom is the best. 
  • The video or audio transmission is perfect. The live classes recordings are in MP4 format
  • 24/7 support is offered by the technical support team for 365 days and is very helpful.



  • The initial initiative to fix errors has to be faced individually. They help after emailing them.
  • No information about their down-servers or software issues.



Coursera is another professional online learning platform. It is a marketplace with virtual classes. Instructors here teach courses taking 4 to 6 weeks for completion. They offer video lectures, community discussion forums, peer-reviewed assignments, and discussion of community forums. Joining Coursera is free, and you must log in to see individual course’s pricing information. 



  • Main courses take 4 to 6 weeks completion time and on completion, you get an electronic course certificate.
  • Specialization courses focus on specific career skills. These are online courses and tackling the challenges of real business is possible with hands-on projects.
  • Degree online programs offer advanced education and it takes 1 to 3 years to complete. These can include participation in online degree university-recognized programs.


Coursera is partnered in the U.S. with leading universities and it provides around the world online courses such that it covers dozens of different subjects. Now, they have come up with official certification and it is given from associated university.

Coursera offers a diversity of subjects to choose from, right from musical theory to data science. Coursera is accessible to everyone, and the advantage is apparent as many of the courses are very cheap or free. Only at the end, the official certification involves a higher cost.

Coursera offers the open online courses platform aggregating from top universities. Classes are grouped for learning-related courses. They provide video lectures, peer assessments, progressive mastery, and quizzes as the Coursera’s hallmarks. They offer courses in Java, Python, Big Data, web design, algorithms, game design, interaction design, cybersecurity, and also for non-technology courses that include business to Arts & Humanities.



  • Crafted courses by the world’s top universities
  • Video quality offers a high and structured learning environment
  • Specializations entail a certification and a capstone project. 



  • Fixed dates for enrollment 
  • The certifications validity is a debate
  • The peer grading system sometimes gives valueless feedback


Khan Academy

Khan Academy, right from the day of its inception, has taken by storm with its courses and online teaching style. This is an online video library hosting a wealth of subjects. There are video tutorials for the users that they can learn at their convenience. This is a non-profit organization that has the backing of influential foundations that are the largest and top in the business world. It is free to use and the learning is optimized within a mouse click.  



  • Variety of subjects
  • Learn at your speed 
  • An NGO


There are various videos of the subjects and it includes math, chemistry, biology, and physics. There are videos on humanities, arts, finance, and economics. Khan Academy is growing continually and new videos as per the subjects are added regularly.

Khan Academy is used to introduce, review, and practice contents that it is ideal for classroom teachers. Math is the comprehensively covered subject, but economics, history, and science teacher also provide full courses. It is easy at Khan Academy to set a class up and to integrate it with Google Classroom.

The site is a powerful analytical and perfect adaptive program that you can track the progress of the students and identify people struggling in certain areas. Students using Khan Academy get to benefit from real-time reporting.  This non-profit online platform offers a free library of micro-lectures that you get to focus on traditional academic subjects. 

There will be a mix of text and video-based materials available with Khan Academy in science, math, humanities, economics, and computer programming.  As they offer a free platform to use for anyone, it is one of the best ways to get to know a subject before they move elsewhere to a more advanced course.



  • You get to rewind, fast forwards, stop, repeat videos, and work on your own each problem. 
  • No cost to access or watch videos and to work on the problems. 
  • Plenty of math problems available for all grade levels. This includes basic concepts of calculus. Each problem is generated randomly and there is a template to solve problems.



  • Less interactive as it is only watching videos and not a tutor or teacher was coming face-to-face.
  • Exposure to one style of teaching. 
  • Spontaneous creativity is reduced. It instructs, but there is no guidance or inspiration to offer a solution.


With this list and comparison it should be enough to try one or more.



How is the process of create and sell courses online


How can you transform students’ lives and how different it will be once they complete the course?

Start planning the course and the student’s transformation that you should achieve. There is a need to hang out in the forums to know your students and their concerns. 

Create a clear learning path and define the end goal. With each course journey, ensure the outcome is clear. Setting a path clearly defining the end goal means the students can stay active and engaged with the content. 


Guide to create and sell online courses

The Cost of your online course

A professional course online estimates to $5,850 and $15,600.

This estimate may appear pretty high, but it includes paying to teach the course, email automation, professional video development, market research, course promotion, and webinar software. 

If you are planning and wishing to create an online course, it can be cost-effective. For instance, having a quality webcam, screen sharing tools, a microphone, and video editing software means you get to create under $200 a course.

Time is a significant investment. The cost rises with effort and as the effort is more in market research, analyzing audiences, shooting professional media, creating an outline, and engaging instructor results in a higher cost.


Use the best equipment and software

Creating a course is a serious aspect. It is not as simple as adding to a website a webinar. The equipment and software should create high-quality content. This is necessary as you are giving a virtual course that is presenting an in-classroom experience. Thus, it makes it appear professional.


There is no necessity to go for high-end and expensive equipment in the beginning, but there are a few items that are a must for online teaching and they are the software and the software equipment. To begin with, are:

  • Microphones: These are crucial. There is a need for a quality microphone so that it sounds excellent and clear. Bad audio presents a shaky video. Using the best microphone means you use good mics, a standard receiver, a headset, or a USB microphone.  With the microphone, do not ignore getting the accessories essential. This will help you improve further the audio quality. It includes foam balls, pop filters, acoustic panels, and shock mounts, in case the recording is done in a small room.
  • Headphones: A good set of headphones is a must. It should feature the noise-canceling aspect so that it helps in the process of editing. It also is handy to conduct interviews and to record.
  • Screen recording program: Creating a software piece or some computer program means there is a need to show that you are doing on the screen so that your work appears highlighted. There are several options with the screen recording software and it is best to take referrals and go through reviews before indulging in a purchase.
  • USB Webcam: Most online courses need videos and live webinars from an instructor to get the feel of a personal classroom. A piece of recording equipment may include anything simple. It can be a webcam or even your iPhone or if you wish, you may run to a DSLR professional camcorders. Here the choice is based on your budget determining the equipment for the videos.
  • Software for video and audio editing: Once the shooting is done of the course, the editing is the magic. Some favorite options are the Adobe Premiere Pro and Apple Final Cut Pro. For the animations, try Adobe After Effects.
  • Accessories and lighting: Lighting feature with three-point quality is crucial and ascertains the requirement is fulfilled. You can buy a light set for a full studio or some iPhone accessories. 


Create useful contents

This is a no-brainer’s job. You should give a detailed vision of the subject that your ideal students may be looking for and understand what they are keen to learn. Try to understand if they wish to earn an online certificate or develop a new skill? Are they aiming to grow their business?  There is a need to understand the pain points of the audience. This helps in creating a vision for the course.

Ascertain to learn shorter sentences. This is because everyone likes to understand in one glance or read. Reading long paragraphs is not the best for most people or readers.


Differentiate the website

Focus on the right niche and offer the best content keeping a focus on the unique value proposition (UVP). There is a need to specialize and check each step so that you maintain the focus on the niche exceptionally.

Provide a hook statement exclusively and differentiate the course. If there is a graphic design, you may make it a broad subject, giving insight into the topic in depth. Avoid giving simple titles as ‘designs for starters or beginners,’ it may appear to be going into a broader subject. Keep the name precise to appear natural such as ‘Adobe design for an eBook.’ This will appear focused.

Avoid concentration in too many areas. On seeing initial success with your teachings, you should diversify into other topics.


Take enough time to market business

Pouring your hard work is a huge task and creating a course implies a lot of work done. If you start it means you should market it. There is a need for a dedicated website so that people can find you and you get the due recognition of being an expert in the field. Also, you a need  a professional web presence. And an active blog with niche content so that it is search engine optimized.

Develop a social media following. You can create a Facebook Business page. In this way, you can share the latest updates on Instagram and Twitter.


Have control of your brand

Having control over the brand is important. It helps to set the pricing and policies, in logo incorporation and making the experience consistent.  


Deliver exceptional learning experience

Delivering a stunning learning experience is a must through your platform. It means you should look for multiple content types such as text, audio, documents, and more. The features to include is to create quizzes and to send forums completion certificates, and also sent ‘drip’ courses over time to the students.


Course Platform 

Ensure the learning platform works suitably with other tools such as analytics solutions, email marketing services, and lots more. If you initiate a blog and sell courses in a WordPress site, there is a need to choose a platform that integrates easily into the current website.


You can sell your courses online and make money, but get ready to spend money initially. Looking first into the pricing information I recommend so that you have an understanding of the investment and its potential return.


Leverage customer support, if required

The platform you create should provide excellent training and customer support. There should be free training and resources, a helpful instructor, and an account manager to help you see success in the online platform.


Wrapping up

The online courses help you establish a side hustle. In this way, you get to grow your audience. You can teach students the topics that you know very well and you care about. This will help in making money online faster.

Choosing between the teaching online platforms should be done with care. You must consider the monthly costs, time restrictions, and available marketing features.

Each platform permits you to upload your content easily and to provide training required for your students so that you can generate sales. 

The complete course success relies on your content quality and how the way you get to market yourself. A platform online is a base. But it requires planning, development, market research, and very importantly, marketing.



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