Olodumare and the Orisha

All seventeen hundred Orisha devised a plot against Olodumare, the supreme being, when deciding that he should abdicate. They went and asked him to relinquish all power to them, at least for a sixteen year period.
Olodumare suggested that it might be better for them to begin with a trial run of sixteen days for a start. They agreed to this proposal and set to work. However, by the end of the eighth day the universe had come to a complete standstill. The Orisha asked the advice of the oracle divinit Orunmila, but received no reply. Now there remained nothing to do but to return to Olobumare, admit their foolhardiness, and ask his pardon. Somewhat amused, Olodumare forgave them and restored the universe to order. The Orisha went away humming his praises. (Yoruba myth, western Nigera) A.G.H.


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