Ob: The Enigmatic Fire in Magical Philosophy

Ob, a Hebrew word («sorcerer») for serpent, is possibly from the root of the African and West Indian word obeah.

It is in magical philosophy one of the three forms of fire, associated with magnetism and electricity on the physical level and with the negative, magnetic form of subtle fire on the etheric level. Some sources link this fire to black magic, necromancy, and death. The other two forms of fire are od and aur.

In the Brotherhood of Luxor and occult (H. B. OF L.) traditions descending from it, Ob was the name given for the «ruling spiritual hierophant» of the sinister Dark Satellite. The term was also associated, via dubious etymology, with Oberon, obsession, Obeah, and various other terms connected to spirits and negative magic. A.G.H.


Ob enigmatic meaning

Delve into the mystical realm of Ob, an enigmatic term deeply intertwined with magical philosophy. This article unravels the secrets of Ob, exploring its connection to serpent symbolism, its role as one of the three forms of fire, and its associations with both the sinister and the ethereal.


Serpent Symbolism and Origins

  • Hebrew Roots: Discover the Hebrew word «Ob» and its intriguing connection to the word «sorcerer.»
  • African and West Indian Influence: Explore the possibility of Ob’s origins in the African and West Indian word «obeah.»


as a Form of Fire

  • The Triad of Fire: Uncover the mystical trio of fire forms, with Ob taking its place alongside «od» and «aur.»
  • Associations and Attributes: Delve into the magical philosophy linking Ob to magnetism, electricity, and the etheric level of subtle fire.


Occult Traditions

  • Brotherhood of Luxor: Explore the role of Ob in the occult traditions originating from the Brotherhood of Luxor, where it was associated with the «ruling spiritual hierophant.»
  • Dubious Etymological Connections: Investigate the curious etymological associations of Ob with Oberon, obsession, Obeah, and other terms related to spirits and negative magic.


A Confluence of Mystery

  • A Nexus of Symbolism: Reflect on the multifaceted nature of Ob, bridging serpent symbolism, fire forms, and occult traditions.
  • Unraveling the Enigma: Contemplate the enduring mystery that shrouds Ob and its significance in the realm of magic and mysticism.



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