Nuclear Tunguska bomb explosion

by Doug Yurchey

Almost 100 years ago, a powerful NUCLEAR EXPLOSION happened in the Siberian wastelands of Russia! That very idea will disturb the conservative traditionalists. Atomic power before 1944 is not something you will read about in history books. Do not be so sure that your history books are correct.

The concept of an atomic blast in Tunguska of 1908 might be more believable if one considers that there were ANCIENT nuclear wars. This is another wild and crazy idea for the educators. But, there is one person who was very much an advocate of such a notion. That was J. Robert Oppenheimer; the Father of the Atomic Bomb.

During a college lecture, Oppenheimer was asked: ‘Was the atomic test at Alamagordo the first nuclear blast?’ The student meant: Was there a U.S. program before Alamagordo? Oppenheimer answered: ‘Yes, in modern times.’ The creator of the A-Bomb meant: Our atomic program was the first, not counting the ancient nuclear wars of the distant past.

Oppenheimer was a student of the old books of India; such as the MahabharataBhagavad Gita and the Kansur. Some of these holy works pre-date the Bible. They are not fictional stories. They are history. They speak of flying vimanas. Vimanas were real vehicles and the origin of the ‘flying carpet.’ Great wars were described in these early texts. Weapons could literally level the land like a moving force field. In ancient India, we find words for certain measurements of length; one was the distance of light-years and one was the length of an atom. Only a society that possessed nuclear energy would have the need for such words. When Oppenheimer said ‘I am become the destroyer of worlds,’ he was quoting from these ancient books. Believe it or not, the deserts on a number of continents today are the result of (prehistoric) nuclear warfare.

There is much resistence to the idea that the Tunguska blast was nuclear. The most common explanation is that it was a meteor. Another possibility is that the 1908 explosion was one of the few times the Earth was hit by a comet. Some ridiculous solutions to the devastation in Russia have been dreamed up such as cosmic wormholes and mini-black holes. When you examine the evidence from untraditional sources, you will discover that the most likely explanation was:

A nuclear-powered spacecraft exploded in 1908!

For those of you interested, read THE FIRE CAME BY: the Riddle of the Siberian Explosion by John Baxter and Thomas Atkins. At 7:17 AM on June 30 1908, a cylindrical object blazed across cloudless skies in central Siberia. Then, came the Big Bang. Primary and secondary shock waves, intense firestorms and a ‘black rain’ that contaminated hundreds of square miles followed the thermal blast. The seismic shock wave was recorded in Moscow, Paris, London and even Washington D.C.

‘The fire came by and destroyed the forect, the reindeer, and the storehouses. Afterward, when the Tungus went in search of the herd, they found only charred reindeer carcasses.’

– witness to the Siberian Explosion of 1908

‘I was sitting on my porch facing north when suddenly, to the northwest; there appeared a great flash of light. There was so much heat that…my shirt was almost burned off my back. I saw a huge fireball that covered a huge part of the sky…Afterward it became dark and at the same time I felt an explosion that threw me several feet from the porch. I lost consciousnes…’

– witness 40 miles away from the Siberian Explosion


‘After the terrible flash, which, Father Kleinsorge later realized, reminded him of something he had read as a boy about a large meteor colliding with the Earth…’

– survivor of the Hiroshima explosion, 1945
– from John Hersey’s Hiroshima


‘Was it a meteorite…that fell on Sodom and Gomorrah and destroyed them with a fire from heaven? …It did enormous damage (Siberian Explosion), for it fell in a forest and knocked down every tree for scores of miles in every direction…if that fall had taken place anywhere in the ocean, tsunamis (tidal waves) would have washed nearer shores and done much damage…if the fall would have taken place there (permanent ice), cause slippage of large quantities of ice into the ocean, bringing about catastrophic changes in Earth’s sea level and climate…if the fall had taken place there (populated areas)…millions of people would have been killed…The fall would have completely wiped out any city it struck. Perhaps not more than 5% of the surface of the Earth could have received that 1908 blow without any damage at all being done to human life and property…consider that the fall managed to find a 1 in 20 place where it would do no damage, almost as though someone was humanely trying to avoid…’

– Isaac Asimov


A huge object entered Earth’s atmosphere and was first seen over western China at dawn on June 30, 1908. Gobi Desert caravans stopped and looked in awe at the great fireball. Inhabitants of Russia heard a deafening roar. People in small towns and villages, the only settlements in this remote region, were terrified. The huts of nomads were destroyed, animals scattered and trees were leveled BEFORE the Big Bang.

The Central Siberian Plateau near the Stony Tunguska River violently shook by a cataclysmic explosion. The seismographic center at Irkutsk, 550 miles away, registered a great earthquake. Moscow, St. Petersburg and Jena (Germany) recorded strong seismic shocks. A bright column of fire blazed high above the horizon and was seen hundreds of miles away. The awesome noise was heard more than 500 miles away. Fires raged in the forest many days after the blast. Traders at Vanavara, 40 miles away, had to cover their faces from the super heat draft. Passengers on the Trans-Siberian Railway were very frightened as the land vibrated with the force of an earthquake. Dark, thick clouds climbed more than 12 miles above Tunguska. An ominous ‘black rain’ showered the entire area.

A report from Berlin in the New York Times of July 3 stated: ‘Remarkable lights were observed in the northern heavens on Tuesday and Wednesday nights, the bright diffused white and yellow illumination continuing through the night until it disappeared at dawn…’

On July 5, (1908) a New York Times story from Britain was entitled: ‘Like Dawn at Midnight.’ ‘…The northern sky at midnight became light blue, as if the dawn were breaking…people believed that a big fire was raging in the north of London…shortly after midnight, it was possible to read large print indoors…it would be interesting if anyone would explain the cause of so unusual a sight.’

The first scientific expedition to solve the Siberian enigma was headed by Leonid Kulik in 1927. The Russian government, that assumed a huge resource might be discovered where the meteor fell, funded the investigation. Kulik always believed the Tunguska explosion was a meteor fall even though all the data he collected conflicted with such a natural event. Like the Meteor Crater in Arizona (diameter 1200 meters), Kulik was sure that a large metallic deposit would be found underground by the meteorite that caused the explosion.

In 1927, from the Khladni Ridge, Kulik got his first long-range view of the devastated forest. Huge trees that stood for centuries were knocked over like matchsticks. They always pointed away from Ground Zero. New trees had begun to grow as mother nature came back to life.

Kulik, and his party, pushed northward and discovered a virtually empty southern swamp he called the ‘Great Cauldron.’ The Tunguska mystery was intensified when Kulik finally reached Ground Zero. He found NO IMPACT CRATER! Instead, in the middle of everything, he observed a small forest of trees; still standing. They had been seared and stripped of their branches. This was called the ‘telegraph pole’ forest. It has been estimated that the Great Siberian Explosion occurred 2 to 5 miles above the surface.

Consider the physical evidence of the trees and exactly what the pattern is: For many miles, mighty trees fell; all pointing away or to the fall point. The big blast definitely happened miles above the ground as exposed hillsides suffered the most damage. The trees, without exception, radiated out for many miles from Ground Zero. When we approach the center, we find a Great Cauldron where there are no trees at all. These thick trunks have been totally vaporized. Now, in the very center, we discover still standing trees stripped of branches. Again, there was no impact crater which mystified Kulik all of his life.

The incredible force came down and struck the ground. Trees directly under the blast were robbed of their branches. The trunks of the Telegraph Pole forest remained standing because they were perfectly aligned with the force of the explosion. Out from the very center, the trees were disintegrated; leaving an empty area. Farther away from Ground Zero, the trees were intact yet on the ground and pointed away from the center.

As Baxter and Atkins have theorized: ‘Is it possible that the flaming CYLINDRICAL object that exploded in mid-air over central Siberia in 1908 was, in fact, a spacecraft?’

Scientists, Felix Zigel and A.V. Zolotov found that the devastated area was not a perfect circle; but an oval. ‘The blast had an unusual oval shape because the explosive material was encased in some type of container.’ Like a cylindrical firecracker, the explosive charge fanned out elliptically as it burst.

There were conflicting reports that made researchers wonder: Did the object arrive from the southeast or southwest? The flight path of the cosmic object was reconstructed from eyewitness testimony and ballistic wave (ground) evidence.

The problem of different trajectories was eventually solved with an amazing conclusion: ‘Both paths were accurate. The object had switched direction in its journey over Siberia!’ Numerous Russian experts believe the atomic blast of 1908 could only have been ‘an artificial flying craft from some other planet.’

NO NATURAL OBJECT CHANGES DIRECTION. Shooting stars move in straight lines or slight arcs. They never decide to change course and travel in another direction. Ground evidence and eyewitness testimony indicate the object, before the blast, diverted or changed directions in the air.

The Tunguska event was not a meteor fall. The 1908 blast was not a comet. Although, the theory of it being a comet has been postulated on many (traditional) documentaries. The reason this seems like a reasonable answer to the mystery is: Comets are not heavy material. They were once thought of as ‘snowballs.’ Since it is so incredibly rare for a comet to ever strike the Earth, who knows what the effect would be hitting our atmosphere? The problem is, again, comets never change direction or unnaturally ‘turn’ in their trajectory.

‘Strange scabs’ were reported on the dead Tunguska reindeer. Kulik and researchers of many decades ago did not understand this phenomenon. Now we can understand that the strange disease, in the aftermath of the blast, was due to radiation burns. Even today, Tunguska shows a slight trace of radioactivity.

Photographs of Hiroshima’s Ground Zero in 1945 have trees STILL STANDING around the Japanese Agricultural Exposition Hall. The U.S. exploded its atomic bomb high in the air to increase the area of destruction. Soviet writer Alexander Kazantsev was the first to recognize the many similarities between Hiroshima and Tunguska.

When you consider the Siberian multi-megaton blast; its thermal wave; its shock wave; its brilliant light or flash; its black rain fallout and later effects of radiation…there is only one logical answer: Tunguska was not a natural event.

Reports indicate that the cosmic object’s original path would have taken it to Moscow. Millions of people would have died if the explosion happened there. Something saved Moscow. Something spared Moscow of an unimaginable human tragedy. The UFO cylinder changed course and exploded in a place where NOT ONE HUMAN DIED. The closest people to the Great Siberian Explosion had their huts destroyed and their clothes nearly burned off their backs.

Was it an act of God that diverted the course of the cosmic object? More likely, an alien race acted with compassion to save millions of human lives. Could two alien races have been at war and one protected the innocent lives below? We will never know exactly what happened. The truth is the ground is still shaking from the 1908 event.

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