Michel de Nostradame, better known by the Latinized version of his last name, Nostradamus (which means Our Lady, as in Mary the mother of Jesus), was born on December 14, 1503 in the village of St. Remy, Province, France. His family was a Jewish family who converted to Christianity and claimed descent from the Issachar tribe, one of the lost tribes of Israel and one that was famous for the gift of prophecy. His early education came from his grandfather Jean, who taught him Greek, Latin, Hebrew, Mathematics and Astrology. During his adolescent years, Nostradamus was sent to the city of Avignon where he studied philosophy until 1522 when he attended the famous University of Montpelier in the city of Montpelier, studying medicine.

In 1525 he was given a license to practice medicine, and began to treat those who suffered from the plague. Nostradamus was widely known for his ability to cure those who were considered incurable. This became known to Julés-César Scaliger, a physician who invited Nostradamus to visit him in the town of Toulouse. The young Nostradamus was very impressed with the older physician and decided to settle in the town of Agen, not far from Toulouse.In he 1534 married a woman of «High Estate», who gave him two children. His happiness was short lived, when around 1538 his wife and children ironically died from the plague, and Scaliger challenged his credentials as a medical doctor and he was accused of heresy by the Inquisition because of a statement made years before. Soon after, Nostradamus left Agen and for six years wandered southern France, caring for victims of the plague and studying the occult sciences. In 1546 Nostradamus settled in the village of Salon de Craux, where he met Anna Ponce Genelle and had six children.

As early as 1550, Nostradamus issued an almanac full of predictions and in March of 1555, he published the first seven centuries (100 sets of quatrains, not referring to 100 years) of his prophecies, containing predictions from his time to the end of the world, 3799 AD. Nostradamus again became famous throughout Europe for his predictions, so much so that the French Royal Family asked him to come to Paris to make astrological charts for the entire family. He found that all seven Princes would become kings and would die and the King himself would soon die(as he also predicted in Century 1:35 for Henri II, the King and in Century 10:9 for Francis II who married Mary, Queen of Scots,) along with six of his seven sons , as history recorded. After an audience with the King, Nostradamus quickly returned home, after being told the Justices of Paris were soon to charge him with the crimes of magic.

In his old age,Nostradamus suffered from gout and severe arthritis, and by 1564 those diseases totally debilitated him. On June 17, 1566 Nostradamus made his will and predicted how he would die…»found white, and dead in the bed». And on August 2, 1566 he died as he had predicted he would. Nostradamus was buried in the local church in Salon, in an upright tomb with a beautiful marble plaque. He predicted that it would be opened (Century 9:7), and it was in 1813 by superstitious Revolutionaries, but was reburied soon afterward in a new tomb.

by James Dilworth

New book: Selected Oracles of Nostradamus Translated by James D. Dilworth

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