Neshamah in Kabbalistic tradition

Neshamah (Hebrew NShMH, «soul») in Kabbalistic tradition is one of the higher aspects of the human soul corresponding to the third Sephirah Binah. Neshamah called supernal understanding is joined by chiah and yechidah, the other two parts of the soul, that remains above the Abyss comprising Higher Genius. In some sources these three higher aspects of self are referred to collectively as neshamah. A.G.H.


Neshamah in Kabbalistic Tradition

The Higher Soul Aspect

In Kabbalistic philosophy, Neshamah, derived from the Hebrew word NShMH, meaning «soul,» is considered one of the higher aspects of the human soul. It corresponds to Binah, the third Sephirah on the Kabbalistic Tree of Life. Binah represents understanding or intellect and is part of the supernal triad, which also includes Kether and Chokmah.

Supernal Understanding

Neshamah is often referred to as the ‘supernal understanding.’ It is considered a bridge between the divine and the human, representing a higher level of consciousness and spiritual awareness. Neshamah is the part of the soul that grasps the deeper, more abstract concepts of existence and the divine.


Connection with Chiah and Yechidah

Neshamah is closely associated with Chiah and Yechidah, the other two components of the higher soul. Chiah corresponds to the life force or the will, while Yechidah represents the unique essence of the individual soul. Together, these three aspects of the soul form the Higher Genius, a concept in Kabbalah that represents the most divine part of the human spirit.


The Higher Aspects Above the Abyss

In Kabbalistic teachings, Neshamah, Chiah, and Yechidah are said to reside above the Abyss, a term used to describe the divide between the finite and infinite aspects of existence. This placement signifies their transcendent and ineffable nature, far removed from mundane human experiences.


Collective Reference 

In certain Kabbalistic sources, the term ‘Neshamah’ is used collectively to refer to all three higher aspects of the soul – Neshamah, Chiah, and Yechidah. This usage underscores the interconnectedness of these aspec



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