Visualization Training

  Visualization is creating pictures in the mind. It is the conscious production of mental imagery. Psychology and religion have long recognized this process as an effective means for shaping skills and talents, alleviating pain and illness, and activating one’s spirituality. Images – the building blocks of visualization – spring from deep within us. Possessing … Read more


  Samhain: October 31. An ancient Celtic festival which celebrates the beginning of winter, marked by death, and the beginning of the Celtic New Year. Samhain means “end of summer.” Samhain is a sabbat universally observed, which is included among the Greater sabbats observed by neo-Pagans. The Druids, in ancient Ireland, once sacrificed to their deities by … Read more

Retrocognitive Clairvoyance

  A term in parapsychology for an extra-sensory correspondence between a present mental pattern of a person and a past, physical event. A.G.H. Source: 2.

Puppet Healing

  Puppet healing, or puppet magic as it is frequently called, is another form of sympathetic magic. The puppet represents the sick or injured person which the practitioner, or practitioners, wish to help or heal. The ultimate goal is to secure a complete cure for the person. The first procedure in puppet healing is the construction of … Read more

Mental plane

  Mental plane, in occult philosophy, is the plane or level of existence above the astral plane(or astral world), a realm of abstract consciousness located between the astral plane, level of concrete consciousness, and the spiritual plane, the level of primary creative being. Like all planes in occult theory, the mental is metaphorically “above” or “below” … Read more