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Zapana and Cari

Zapana and Cari were two pre-Inca leaders among the Indians of the Collao who conquered many forests, pucaras, of the Indians. Zapana, a great chief, helped stabilize the Indians of the Collao after the early pre-Inca period by bringing many under his command.

One of these leaders went onto the larger island of Lake Titicaca where he found a race of white people with beards and fought them until he killed all of them. Afterwards he and his subjects battled the Canas and the Canchas. After these lords performed notable exploits they turned against each other. They sought the support of the Inca Viracocha, then reigning at Cuczo (Peru), and he made an alliance with Cari at Chucuito and displayed such adroitness that he made himself master over the many peoples of the Collao without fighting. A.G.H.


Lake Titicaca. <>.
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