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There are further stories about a second man similar in appearance to Ticci Viracocha but his name is not given. According to the peoples' forbears wherever he passed he healed and restored sight to the blind by words alone. But even after working such miracles in one village, Cacha, the people rose up and turned against him intending to stone him. Then he knelt and raised his hands in prayer toward the sky. The people saw fire then appear in the sky as if to consume them. Fearfully they approached the man whom they sought to stone and besought his forgiveness because they regarded the fire as their punishment. Then they witnessed the fire being extinguished at his command. After this he went to the coast, holding his mantle went amidst the wave to be seen no more. The people named this man Viracocha, which means "foam of the sea." A.G.H.


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