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Osanobwe and Oloku

Olokun, ruler of the sea and son of the supreme being Osanobwe, challenged his father to competitive display. An opened market was selected for the contest on the appointed day. Osanobwe's messenger, a Chameleon, was sent to say his father was ready and Olokun should come immediately.

Olokun arrived splendidly arrayed only to discover that Osanobwe's messenger was dressed exactly like him. Hurriedly Olokun went and dressed in a more magnificent garment and additional coral necklaces. But again the Chameleon was dressed exactly as he was. This happen seven times and in the end Olokun admitted defeat. He knew he could not possibly defeat his father when he could not even outdo the messenger. (Edo myth, west-central Nigeria) A.G.H.


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