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Manabozho is a popular Algonquin trickster especially among the Ojibway and Menominee people of the Northeast woodlands. He is sometimes known as Michabo or Nanabush, perhaps related to Mastshingke, the Hare of Siouan Omaha. He frequently appears as a human occasionally carrying a medicine bag. He has become a culture hero as well as a trickster because he tries to help people by teaching them the right way to live. He acquired his trickster aspect through the descriptions of his monster slayings. In various versions his conception was miraculous: his father, probably the North wind, lifted up a young girl's skirt when she happened to be in the wrong, or right, place at the right time. Manabozho has the trickster's appetites which allow him to play roles in creation that give creatures certain characteristics, for example, the featherless head of the Buzzard. A.G.H.


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