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Kalanemi, or "Rim of the Wheel of Time," is a pre-Vedic spirit of the zodiac or Milky Way, viewed as the great star-wheel at the rim of the universe, also sometimes envisioned as the World Serpent encircling the earth with its tongue in its mouth. Men had to study Kalenemi in order to learn kalends, the proper order of the seasons, sabbaths, and festivals. Kalanemi was probably an aspect of Kali Ma as the Crone of Time, it is interesting the the second part of the name, nemi, meant Moon-grove in the Greco-Roman culture, and according to ancient astrologers the zodiac was the moon's grove through which she passed the night (see Grove, Sacred). Later Vedic priests diabolized Kalanemi as a "demon" who begot Balarama and Krishna in the underworld before the beginning of time. A.G.H.


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