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Indian deluge myths

Deluge or flood myths are common among the highland people and tropical tribes of South America. The deluge is usually associated with creation and the epiphany of the creator-god. Such myths are frequently associated with the creation of the present race or tribes, with the deluge regarded as a divine punishment extinguishing a former deprived people and replacing them with a new race.

Embodied within many of these creation myths is that there was a primitive age of darkness before the deluge. This was before the existence of the sun when the primitive people lived in anarchy without civilization. Sometimes the purpose of such myths is to erase the memories of a former people or culture especially those of the hunting and food-gathering stage. In the mythology of current highland people and the tropical forest tribes their creation is closely connected with natural features such as mountains, rivers, caverns, trees, rocks, and so on. Their beliefs resemble an animalistic religion. This preceded the more organized cults and still persist along side them. A.G.H.


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